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My newest song - Window. Any advice will be greatly appreciated :-)

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bouldersound Sun, 11/25/2018 - 15:58

I'd say it's very close to right. There's a bit of a bass buildup at about 50Hz. I found that a 5dB 1 octave cut there helped on my system. The vocal could come up just a touch. A high shelf boost wouldn't hurt, from about 4k. Perhaps that acoustic guitar could be a bit brighter and have a little less body, but I'm not completely set on that.

oynaz Tue, 11/27/2018 - 14:10

Thanks a lot for your reply. I agree with you. I expanded my low cuts a bit, and took a bit out of 50 Hz overall. A slight high shelf boost, a bit more vocal as well. The acoustic guitar is recorded from it's pickup as well as an Aston Origin mic. I have altered the balance a bit, making it a bit more bright.

I have uploaded the new version here. Criticism is welcome :-)


Attached files Devious Mind - Window Mix 2.mp3 (7.3 MB) 

bouldersound Tue, 11/27/2018 - 14:42

I think it's better. There's still a hint of LF happening that you might not be hearing in your space. I recommend moving around the room when you mix. There's a corner of my room where I check LF where I can hear things that aren't apparent elsewhere. On your song the kick jumps out at about 45Hz.

I think the vocal could still come up a bit. It's sitting just behind the snare.

oynaz Thu, 11/29/2018 - 09:40

Thanks a lot for your help so far. My cat ended up slightly confused but highly entertained, but I crawled around my room until I found the bass buildup you were hearing. Time to figure out some changes to my room treatment, I think.

Anyway, here is a new version. I did a couple of other tweaks as well. Looking forward to your opinion :-)


Attached files Devious Mind - Window Mix 3.mp3 (7.5 MB) 

pcrecord Fri, 11/30/2018 - 04:46

Sorry I'm late for the party..
I like the energy of the song, but I feel it sounds small. it might be because the instruments sound each in a different environment.. A shared reverb could help but it might just be what a good mastering would do to the song, thighting up instruments and push them foward...
Good job !!

pcrecord Fri, 11/30/2018 - 18:21

oynaz, post: 459840, member: 46189 wrote: Thanks,
There is a shared reverb, but it is very subtle. How far to turn it up is one of the things I am most unsure about.

As I said it's a question of taste.. and also it depends how hard it will be compressed at the mastering stage.. Make it sound like you want should be your ultimate goal ;)