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Recently I decided to record some acoustic tracks in n-track, and while my pick up seems to work on my amp it won't even pick up the sound on my interface and barely on my boss br-1200. The pick up is Dean markley. I think it might not meet some type of weird power requirement kinda of like a phantom powered mic, but then again I'm new to this. If some one knows how to fix this it would be much appericated.

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natural Thu, 09/16/2010 - 10:54

When you go into an amp input the first thing the signal does is to go through a Pre amp before getting sent to the amp.
If you're going into a line input on your interface, the interface assumes you've already gone through a pre amp stage.
Pre amp stages are generally found at the mic inputs in various mixers or interfaces.
Your pick up as well as microphones have too low of an output to be handled by Line In devices (which are looking for higher levels like keyboards, drum machines, etc)
Now, to complicate matters, most mic inputs are XLR while your pickup is probably 1/4". Some interfaces provide a 1/4" input to the preamp stage and is labeld DI input.
Look at the back of your gtr amp to see if there's a preamp out or even a send/return insert might do.
If you don't have this, your next best bet is to look into purchasing a Direct Box.
hope that helps