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I am about to purchase ADAM Audio F7, but would like to hear some opinions from people who have it, or who compared it with other monitors, A7X and/or Alesis M1 Active mkII.
What are your thoughts after listening to these ADAMs?



anonymous Sun, 12/14/2014 - 01:36

I've never mixed through the AX7's, so I can't give you an accurate comparison. I can tell you that I've mixed using both the Alesis Monitor One (passives) and the Adams F5's, and I found the Adams to be more "focused" sounding - particularly in the mid range - than the M1's... but, the room I was in at the time could have also played a large part in that.

I don't know if this will help you or not, but here's an except from a review in SOS, and what Paul White had to say about the A7X's:

The Adam A7 was, and still is, an extremely good studio monitor, given its affordable price, but the updated A7X sounds significantly more refined. Getting such a strong and transparent‑sounding mid‑range from a two‑way speaker is quite a challenge, but Adam seem to have managed to coax something like a three‑way performance out of a two‑way box — and to have done so without sacrificing bass end or high‑frequency extension. The extended range of the new tweeter allows the top end to sound more open and airy without adding harshness, so vocals come across in a very natural way. Most users will be more than happy with the low end performance, and shouldn't feel the need to add a sub. Furthermore, because these speakers are relatively compact, the stereo imaging is excellent too. The A7X costs a little more than its predecessor — but I can assure you that it is worth it.

The rest of the article is here:



ErnestPoland Sun, 12/14/2014 - 04:19

Hello, thanks for the feedback.
Unfortunately A7X's are out of my budget. I know them, I've listened to them a lot, they are amazing. But I need to stay in $800 budget for a pair. That's why I am about to buy the F7's, but still hoping someone can give some more details about differences. I can't listen to these in Winnipeg unfortunately...

anonymous Sun, 12/14/2014 - 04:52

Again, if you can't locate someone who's ears you trust to give you an idea of the monitors you are looking at buying, you may want to turn to SOS, Mix or Tape Op magazines as a possible knowledge resource.

I generally trust SOS; they've pretty much been right on the money when it comes to reviewing gear I've either worked with - or have owned myself - which means that I tend to trust them when they are reviewing something I'm not so familiar with.

Monitors can be a bit tricky, though... as there are some variables involved; the most important variable is the acoustics of the space you are mixing in. You might have the best-sounding monitors ever made, but if your room is lying to you sonically, and is an acoustical mess, it won't matter much.

There is a school of thought, and opinions from some engineers - who claim to be able to get a good mix anywhere, but I have to say that I am not able to do that... I'm not saying that these guys are wrong, perhaps they are able to get a great mix in any environment - I'm saying that I can't do that. I need a room that has been tuned, and flattened as much as possible - but then again, I'm using Alesis Monitor Ones, NS10's and an old pair of JBL 43's, ( powered by both Hafler and Crown) so while they do a good job, and my room has been treated acoustically, I'm still definitely not using what would be considered to be "state of the art" monitoring.

Your own experience and preferences have a lot to do with it too, as does - to a lesser extent but still valid parameter - the primary style of music you are working on - when it comes to imaging, sonics, and - the ability to work on them for extended periods of time, with as little aural fatigue as possible. You don't want to ignore that last part. You need a pair of monitors that aren't going to wipe out your mid and hi frequency range(s) after only an hour of cooking (mixing) through them. ;)



Oh... and here's a review from SOS on the F7's:

Lou Sat, 01/17/2015 - 12:39

ErnestPoland, post: 421861, member: 48657 wrote: Hey all!

That is my first post. I checked the"]Studio Monitors, Headphones & Controllers forum but couldn't find similar thread.
I am about to purchase these, but would like to hear some opinions from people who have it, or who compared it with other monitors, A7X and/or Alesis M1 Active mkII.
What are your thoughts after listening to these ADAMs?


I've had the AX 7's for about 1 1/2 years now. I love them. Sometimes I listen to recordings I've been listening to for decades like Sgt. Pepper or something just so I can hear things I've never heard before in the recording. They really bring out incredible clarity. They are the first monitors I have ever owned that when i mix on them and play the mix somewhere else like my car etc. they are almost spot on.