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Out of phase monitors

An idiot. A moron. Feel free to agree with me. I deserve it, after finding out - while doing some critical listening to some tracks - that for two weeks now I've been listening to my monitors with the right side connected out of phase. :notworthy:

I'm not even gonna put a flame suit on. I deserve to feel whatever you all decide to throw at me. Fire away.

Cubase guitar monitoring routing/bus


Does anyone know, how to route/bus a guitar input signal in Cubase, to a specific output channel?
And, if possible, so only the inputsignal is routed (when monitored for example), not the channel itself

I would like to use Amplitube, and get the guitar sound to a guitar amp using Cubase (so I can record the dry sound and hear the wet sound)

monitors on two computer without mixer

question ! i have a mac and a pc . my pc is hooked up to a m audio interface and my mac to the duet and my krk rokit speakers are hooked up to my mac with XLR cables . Now if i hook up my maudio inter face to the speakers in the TRS 1/4 cable area and have the duet plugged in to the XLR cables at the same time will i be able to to use both computers with the same sppeakers ?

question about monitors

Hi guys,
i'm new (comparing to most of you) in business and since i plan to buy a pair of monitors this autumn, i recently started to read more about them. What i have noticed is that some of them have a frequency response above 20 khz (especially the Adam monitors). Now pls help understand why, because i read that human ear detects sounds from 16 hz to 20 khz.