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Calibrating PPM Meters


I am a newbie to this forum so please bear with me. I am a freelance TV and Radio producer and have worked in BBC radio studios and edit suites for over 20 years, so I have an penchant for the good old fashiond PPM meters. I also do corporate/charity work at home using Premier Pro on an Mac Pro. Premierhas it's own audio meters built in, but when an opportunity came along to pick up a set of PPM's I took it and so have a set of Sifam 74A PPM Meters (see pic below).

K-System calibration


Hi Folks.

Why is the K system calibrated at 83dB? It feels too high a level to work for hours on end.

I went to a professional mixing room today and calibrated the monitors to 83dB according to the Ksystem guidelines:
1. Setup a pink noise generator at -12dB (-12dB, -14dB or -20dB, depending on desired K-Scale)
2. Move monitor output level knob until dB meter at sweet spot reports 83dB

I proceeded to play some mastered music and felt this level was way to high for my taste.

Focusrite ISA TWO, Signal calibration with A/D

Hi there,

Got time to make a few tests with my brand new ISA Two.
I adjusted my Delta 44 à +4db and tried to calibrate the output of the ISA to match the signal input in my computer without any luck. It seems the signal of the ISA is too for +4db to be equal unless I adjust the audio interface further. At +4db, for a signal of -9db on my DAW, the ISA shows -18db or less... (with the led calibration at maximum on the ISA)

Questions :
- if I run a hotter signal through the ISA and lower the converter input will the sound quality change ?

Passive summing, OTB calibration

Ok, so I just moved OTB by building my own 8 channel passive summing mixer (DIY Recording Endless Summer) and I would like some input on calibration. Here is my setup:

Logic Pro with a MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid

All 8 analog outputs are being used as 4 pairs of stereo stems (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8)

Each stem inputs to the 8 channel passive summing mixer

Stereo output of the summing mixer into an ART Pro MPA II (2 channel pre)

Outputs of the pre input into an ART Pro VLA II (2 channel compressor)

BASF 2in 24track 30 ips calibration tape

I have one of these left over from my when i bought a Sony JH 16 24 back in the the late nineties. I barely used the tape before ditching the Sony because it was just not reliable enough to use (without a full time tech on the staff!). Is it worth anything? Someone told me that it would probably need baking - is that true.

I also have a one reel of BASF 911 2in tape, plus 2 reels of Ampex 499, and one reel of Ampex 456. All have low usage and I think no splices. .worth anything to anyone?



Calibrating Meters in a hybrid studio

Forgive some basic questions but I would like to hear this being explained like I was just starting out.

I assume the analog gear I bought is calibrated correctly but matching the levels between all my analog equipment (converters, summing amps and processors) needs to be matched so everything flows openly and sounds the best is can. Yes and why?

Now that I have converters with greater gain staging input and output control ( +24, +19, +13, +4.2) everything is more precise so I would appreciate critical detail on how to get the best out of my system.

Help With Learning Calibration Procedure For 1/2" 8 Tracks.

Hello, I recently acquired two 1/2", 8 track machines - a Tascam TSR-8 and a Tascam 38. Both are in very good condition.

I own a de-magnetizer and I know the heads will have to be de-magnetized occasionally as well as cleaning of the metal and rubber moving parts in the tape path.

However I know nothing about aligning and calibrating these machines as far as adjusting azimuth, running calibration tones, oiling motors, etc.


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