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Passive summing, OTB calibration

Ok, so I just moved OTB by building my own 8 channel passive summing mixer (DIY Recording Endless Summer) and I would like some input on calibration. Here is my setup:

Logic Pro with a MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid

All 8 analog outputs are being used as 4 pairs of stereo stems (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8)

Each stem inputs to the 8 channel passive summing mixer

Calibrating Meters in a hybrid studio

Forgive some basic questions but I would like to hear this being explained like I was just starting out.

I assume the analog gear I bought is calibrated correctly but matching the levels between all my analog equipment (converters, summing amps and processors) needs to be matched so everything flows openly and sounds the best is can. Yes and why?