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any other programs for bouncing to than itunes?

hey everyone quick question. No matter how hard i try, whether it be from garage band and/or protools, whenever i bounce to disk at 44.1 and 16 bits as well as all other configurations, stereo interleaved, all that good stuff, it changes the original tone once i put it in itunes. As well as the only way i can even get it into itunes is when i drag it to the library. Whenever i go to import in itunes and choose the wav, aiff, sdII, etc i want to import it just does nothing when i choose. I really need help with this because i have music that I'm trying to get to disk but whenever i get an amazing mix in protools or garage band then transfer to itunes. It has no stereo seperation and almost has a more centered sound to it yet some of the instruments that were panned center from the start are leaning more left or right. I have a digi002 with an apple imac tiger version and protools 7.3. I would appreciate any help at all with this. thanks again.