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I am learning Patch Mix software (software mixer) that came with Emu 1212m.

I can understand that a software mixer's strip can be directed to ASIO so that a

software sequencer that uses ASIO can use the signal that travels through the

mixer strip. But I am not familiar with the concept of "assigning" a

mixer strip to a certain ASIO section, such as ASIO 1/2, ASIO 3/4 and so on.

What are those numbers--1/2, 3/4, ~ 11/12. Do they somehow have to do with

ASIO's capability to allow multitrack recording? If I assign S/PDIF input to

lets say ASIO 13/14, do I have to remember that numbers later when I edit the

S/PDIF input?



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anonymous Sat, 04/22/2006 - 19:25

ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output) is a protocol which transports your audio from the physical inputs on your interface to software/recording app, to the physical outputs of you interface. ASIO is used to stream in near real-time depending on buffer setting (32,64,128, 256 samples...)

In your case you need to assign you mixer software outputs to an ASIO output, this is to say to monitor you audio you need to reach a physical out. Different interface manufacturers will name I/O differently but generally always the numbering will reflect that of physical out's.

I dont have your EMU card nor do I have any experience with the unit but its pretty safe to say that if it has 12 ins and outs and has ASIO labels up to 12 then ASIO 1/2 targets physical outs 1/2 and so on...

So if you have your monitors patched into outs 1/2 then you would want to route all strips in your software to ASIO 1/2.

Make sense? I hope so!


AudioGaff Thu, 04/27/2006 - 11:29

Your E-MU 1212M has 32 ASIO channels available through the PatchMix application. You can assign any ASIO channel pair to any strip or aux bus within PatchMix. For the most part, what exact ASIO channels you are using is nothing to worry about. If the host software you are using does not the list the physical inputs or outputs as names, and displays ASIO channels, then you need to keep track of what is being used and where.

In most cases, you need to configure PatchMix first, then open and configure your host software.