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Color or Transparent?

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I've been searching this website and others because I am thinking about getting a new mic preamp... right now, my choice is between one or two Studio Projects VTB-1's or one RNP... From what I see, a lot of people like the RNP, and a lot agree that the VTB-1 has more color...

I've always been a fan of warmth and color, but to be honest, I haven't had a chance to do many A/B comparissions... I would mostly record guitar/voice/bass for rock/alternative/indie/emo/punk music... if anyone has heard the albumn by Mars Volta, that is the sound I really like... and, to make a long story short, I don't think my ART Tube MP is cutting it...

My point is, maybe I do not fully understand what "color" is... can anyone, based on the above information (or questions for more info), recommed which of these two I should get?... or more tangible info (audio clips) to help me make a decission? ...thanks in advance!


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Guest Mon, 11/10/2003 - 12:59
Originally posted by Death addeR:
either way, after hearing those mp3s I am definately not going with the VTB-1... I can hear the sound I am trying to get rid of in that preamp as well (not as bad, though)...
Cheap toob pre's are guaranteed to disappoint. If you need something cheap, the DMP3 is one of the best values out there in a super-budget pre. The RNP would be a significant step up from that though.

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Kurt Foster Mon, 11/10/2003 - 13:17
I think the Sebatron vmp 2000, which goes for about $750 street, is a much better value for a great mic pre. I don't really lean towards the RNP because of the DC low voltage power supply and the overall approach philosiphy. The RNP is supposedly a photo realistic type pre which imparts no quality of it's own to the sound while the Sebatron will make a 57 sound killer (I know this because I have tried it). The Sebatron is the only pre I have ever heard that makes my Neumann U87 sound like it looks! It's a beautiful thing ...