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ok i have a very basic, very un-professinal home studio set up...and i am new at this...i am going for an iron maiden, iced earth feel to my music

I have recorded a few songs but scraped them because the sound i had was not what i was looking for...when i play it "live" it sounds really good but going into my computer and coming back out it sounds like crap.

way to much bass note output just drowns everything out and makes my speakers crackle

I looked through some settings and i realized i had diffrent rifts and diffrent sections recorded with diffrent settings...

now to the questions...i had been using 48000 and 23-bit...and also 41000 and 32-bit...than i tried mix matching and i just dont know what is the best or what each does...and also next to 32-bit its says " (float) " what exactly does that mean?

any help on creating the sound i am looking for or any help with any settings in cool edit 2 would be a major help to me thanks!

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