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Samplitude - Buffer (Optimal) Settings?

Hello everybody!

So, I have bought the newest T-Racks 5 and I have experienced a subtle delay in the response of its VST plugins.

Could someone please tell me the best possible configuration to avoid this problem in Samplitude?

For example, is VIP object buffer 1024 better/faster than 4096?

Is there some Buffer "OPTIMAL SETTINGS" for Samplitude in this case?

Thanks in advance!

Output settings

Hello everyone. I have a problem with Pro Tools 10. I'm using windows 8.1. Whenever I turn on Pro Tools I get an error (picture below). When I restart my DAW, it works fine, but sound from my PC dissapears (music files, browsers, movies). As I'm new with music recording I watch a lot of tutorials, and I need for youtube and Pro Tools working at the same time.

My audio interface: PreSonus AudioBox USB, (and I have a midi keyboard connected, if that matters).

Thank you.


About to return the Blue Yeti. Need suggestions for settings (or alternate mic)


Hi all. I am really new to the world of microphones and I'm overwhelmed after reading for a few hours. I need a microphone to simply sit on my desk and record spoken voice. I also need a zero latency headphone monitor jack on the mic. Ideally this will be a mic in the $100ish price range and USB. If I have to spend more, convince me why! I still need USB, but I could use a Blue Icicle (or similar) if I end up convinced to buy an XLR mic.

strange gain settings


Yesterday I set up my studio for drumrecording and noticed something very strange...I put a sm57 on the snare about 1" from the skin and 1,5" in from the rI'm edge pointed towards the center of the drum. I also put a mb2k from Audio-Technica under the snare about 2" from the skin but more straight angled on the center.

The I put the drummer in the chair and had him hit the drum.

Vitual Memory Settings

Win7 64bit / 8 gig of RAM optimizing your PC for recording, I'm wondering what the best virtual memory settings should be? How do you set yours or do you even do this? I'm also interested how the mobile laptops do this with external drives attached?

I have 3 HD plus an OS:

C Drive OS

  1. D Audio
  2. E Sample
  3. F Sample
    I have no paging file on the C drive
    all other drives I have Custom Size:
    Initial 6270
    Maximum 12270


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