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In ear monitor mixer question (hope I’m in the right place)

Newbie here. I was unable to find an active Mackie forum or one dedicated to live sound. If anyone can suggest a more appropriate place, please do so. I’m not very well-versed in this sort of thing.

I’m a KB player and singer. I send one or two KBs from a Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro to the main board. We can mix our own monitor feed via a iPhone/iPad app wirelessly to a Prosonus board. I use a powered speaker or IEMs going through a Rolls PM55P. The Rolls has a limiter to protect against sudden excessive volume.

headphone splitter and In ear monitors/earbuds questions

I'm shooting some music instructional videos in a residential home basement. Due to problems with mic bleed, I've convinced the subject to wear headphones for listening to himself, and his assistant musician during the shoot as opposed to speakers.

I have an Allen & Heath ZED10FX mixer. (guitar and piano are recorded direct, not mic'd) Since I need to get headphones for two people, I plan to connect the headphones output of the mixer to this unit I found on Amazon:

Using 2 mixers for in ear monitoring.

I am using an Alesis Studio 24 for vocals in our rehearsals bought a Beheringer 1024USB mixer to run my in ears through. Using 2 overheads 1 & 2 CH and 2 Shure Beta52a combined on CH_3 on the Behringer and running 3 vocals 2 guitars and bass on the Alesis. I only want the vocals going to the mains. Is it possible to channel the guitars to the
Behringer channel 4 to have then in my IN ears and not to the mains?

Thanks Mr Novice.

Budget IEM for home studio

Well, as I am incredibly tight on cash recently, I really have no means of buying studio monitors for home recording. Thus, I have decided on getting a piece of IEM or Headphones. But even for that, I'm on a budget.

I have looked around and have settle on 2 pieces of acclaimed budgeted IEM; namely MEelec M6 and Soundmagic E10/30. Also, I'm opened to using headphones too. I want to hear clearly what I'm recording, and not unnecessary boosts in the bass for my own enjoyment.


In Ear Monitoring Systems

Looking at the PSM 900 Wireless Personal Monitor System from Shure,
http://www.sweetwat… Shure PSM 900 (w/SE425CL G6 Band, 470-506MHz) |[/]="http://www.sweetwat… Shure PSM 900 (w/SE425CL G6 Band, 470-506MHz) |[/]

Are these able to transmit multiple sends? In other words, can one unit supply 5 in ear monitors providing I have 5 receivers?

In ear monitor systems

I'm considering an upgrade for the live sound monitoring system that I run for my jazz and alt. country groups. In another thread Dvdhawk mentioned Hear Back, Aviom, & myMix as distribution systems. I can try out Hear Back locally. It would be helpful if some of you could compare it to some of the other systems. If you could comment on how it worked in the studio as well as live, that would be a help as well.



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