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hey people ive got a digi 002 rack with the command 8 and i dont have a soundcard installed. Now i can only listen to some audio if my digi 002R is turned on and i cant hear video and sound clips.

If i wanted to hear say windows media player would i have to install a seperate sound card? and get new speakers? (if i dont want to turn on my 002r)

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KurtFoster Mon, 11/01/2004 - 14:53

At least a PC doesn't limit me to working with one companies product... the price of this is that PCs need to be configured properly ... if you get it, it's not a big deal ... if you need to be spoon fed and can't deal with issues well, try a Mac ... but you're probably still going to run into issues... but at least you will be comforted by knowing you paid 3 times as much so you could expierence the "best" of problems.

anonymous Wed, 11/03/2004 - 01:42

Kurt Foster wrote: Don't 'cha just love PT and all their proprietary crap?

What crap?

If this guy just tried to read some instructions and installed a specific driver all would be good even without onboard sound or another sound card.

Just for the record PT LE hardware has no problems co-existing with any other sound card I've come across.

It's called digidesign WaveDriver.

ghellquist Fri, 11/05/2004 - 00:42

Kurt Foster wrote: Don't 'cha just love PT and all their proprietary crap?

Well, again, the well-known PT hater has stricken.

I use an MBox most of the time. Do not love PT. But I get really f***ed by people like Kurt who talks lorries full of shit about things without reason. We all know by now that you do not use a PT TDM system, and that the only reason you have a PT LE system is that you believe you have to in order to get clients. Let it be enough.

PT works very well with another sound card installed. It only never will use it. That is simply the way the system is designed, and they make no secret of that.

Windows media player can be redirected to go out through the 002 hardware without much problems. The digidesign drivers though enforce a "single user limit" on the card. This means that if the card is occupied by PT LE, it will not be available at the same time to other systems. This can of course be a limitation when compared to other cards that has built in hardware mixers allowing several concurrent applications.

I have never been able though, to get the system sounds and the built in midi GM instrument to play realiably throught the MBox. (On the other hand, I always turn off the system sounds anyway, and the GM sounds are really awful).

So if you want to hear sounds without turning on your 002, you will need to have another sound card installed in your system.

Gunnar Hellquist


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