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Help ISP decimator pro rack G guitar convert to stereo mod version

hi everyone, i have an isp decimator g pro rack guitar version, for my marshall 9200, jmp1, jfx 1 configuration i would need the stereo mod version, i tried to look for used ones, but i couldn't find any. Opening the frame of my decimator I noticed that there is the possibility to convert it from guitar to stereo and vice versa.

$50 amp sI'm plugin as good as $1500 rack unit?

Am I deaf or? This was excellent demonstration imho. I can’t believe how similar the Fractal Axe Effect rack unit, sounds to the amp sI'm plugs. I grabbed the TH3 amp sI'm based on this demo, and it’s $50 special sale price. This is the second plugin I have from overloud, a company I discovered via a free api eq they were giving away.

TC Helicon Voicelive Rack REFUSES to save key

Ok so i've had the same issue with 2 separate units now. When making a patch, I set the key of the song in "hardtune" and no matter how many times I store the preset, as soon as I scroll to another preset and go back to the one I had just saved, the key as been reset to C. So obviously this unit is completely sabotaging it's own purpose and driving me insane at the same time.

No midi output to my rack unit - Logic 5.5

I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. I have a template that a I saved for a simple environment for my (external) t.c multi effects unit that use to let me do things like change program settings, bypass the unit during automation from within logic. It always worked, then I moved out of state and just hooked everything up again.

Advice on adding mic/instr preamps to my studio rack on a budget


I have a small semi-portable studio rack system which I use to record my own music as well as band sessions. My gear includes an ART Dual MP preamp box which gives me two decent mic/instr preamps that works well for certain mics and instruments, but I frequently need a few more preamps. Right now, I fall back on my Zoom R16 channel amps, but I'd like a better option.

Nord Rack 2x Hardware Advice

Hello, Everybody I'm brand new to using hardware for years I've used software vsti's only but recently decide to buy a couple bits of hardware and I'm unsure on how to uses them with Live 9 software on PC, what I would like to do is write midi parts in Live 9 using the sounds from my EMU Proteus, Nord Rack 2x or if that's not possible record then direct to live.

Mobile Live Sound Rig (half rack space unit)

Starting in January, I am going to be going into schools with one other guy and putting on presentations. We need a small, portable system to drag around with us that is easy to set up and strike. We need two inputs for each of our headsets, two more for each of our guitars, one for playing music, and one for miscellaneous. Here is my idea. I want to use a unit like this: