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digi 002

002 rack floor noise

I have a annoying hum in my set up.( a bit like if I put my hand on a live guitar jack humm )
If I turn my headphones level on the 002 rack over half way it is there,and at full it is annoying.
I also have it on my krk5 monitors (which I have set on full volume),even if the mute button is on.
I have a splitter box to amp and auratone speakers, if I switch to them the hum is gone from
the krks to the auratones . ( just in case its relevant).

add preamp to my diggi 002...

SET UP For drum recording:
diggi 002 rack
api 3124 (4 preamps)
Shure 52
Shure 57
Shure 98(toms)
RODE nt 5
Shure 81.

OK I want to invest around 3k on another preamp unite( I want to have at least 12 preamps)
My question is
is that posiblle with the diggi 002 rack? I know thw converters of the diggi are not that good.
Whichis a good 8 channel preamp?
I like the isa 828 for what I understand the diggi rack only give 8 channels.

Digi 002 preamps

HELLO guy. I'm trying to get 8 more preamps to my set up which is a diggi 002 with already 4 preams added (api 3124).I will love to get the Focusrite 828 so I can have 12 good preamps ( I dont want to use the preamp from the diggi couse sound bad). But for what I know the diggi only give me 8 preamps and even those 8 are going through the diggi which it reduce the quality of the final sound.
So my questions is:
What the hell should I do?
Can I, in someway replace the diggi with something else?

More Preamps required for my Digi 002

I am looking at buying an ADAT preamp rack to connect to my Digi 002 as i now need more preamps as am constantly patching cables.
I need something that has 8 Mic/Line inputs and have looked at the PreSonus digimax D8 but it has 8 XLR inputs (On the rear) and only 2 line inputs on the front panel. I really need a unit that has 8 line and 8 XLR inputs.

The other unit i have seen is the M-Audio Octane 8 MicPre but at £539 its much more than i want to spend just to get some more inputs to
my Digi rack.

Digi 002r and windows 7

Is is possible to get a stand alone driver for the 002r? I've been searching but have't come up with anything. I just purchased one thinking I could use it with cakewalk. I can't seem to find any drivers that will load on windows 7.

One more question does anyone know if the 002 will work with pro tools 9 or 10 if I go ahead and buy a copy of that?

Thanks for any and all help.

BIG help with the DIGI 002 on LOGIC 9

Hello, ive been using logic for quite some time now and recently got a Digidesign 002 RACK and much prefer to use it on Logic rather than Pro Tools (nothing against it tho). But i cannot seem to make Logic recognize the rack at all. i downloaded the driver (digi core audio manager) but it doesnt recognize the hardware. i also open up the Digidesign core audio setup but a window pops up saying "DirectO is in use by another application. Plz quite all other apps using DirectO".

Should I hotrod my 002r?

I tied to delete this post but couldn't get rid of title...sorry, newbie mistake. But while I'm hear, this is what it said.

Theres a company (Black Lion Audio) that mods the digi002 racks with higher quality pres and converters as well as other components. Was wondering if anybody here has dealt with them or heard good things about them?


Digi 002R Connected but no Output. please help!

Hey guys, hope you can help.

I was working on a film and the 002r was running smoothly until about an hour ago when it just stopped passing audio. Pro Tools see's the device and is connected there is just no audio coming out of the monitors or headphone outputs.

It was like someone muted the output. I have tried restarting everything, disconnecting cables and reconnecting. I have even switched firewire cables. Nothing seems to work. I have also connected to another computer, to rule out the mac pro, still no dice.


So call me an idiot BUT (digi 002 nervousness)

I just bought a Digi 002 on Ebay, never used one before trying to set it up, sort of scared it's broken:

So I plug it in, turn it on and all I get is a red light under the "Mute" button. Tried installing the software, says the hardware cannot be found. I tried plugging it into my laptop to see if the laptop even realized something was plugged in. No Windows 'buh beep' sound at all.

Now I'm just slightly nervous, but when you turn on an unplugged digi 002 is that all that is supposed to come on the red l.e.d.?



Purchasing Outboard gear for use with Digi 002 Rack

I am considering expanding my studio, at the moment i just use my digi 002 rack, a Pod XT live for recording guitar and bass straight into 002 rack, I have Pod farm plugins and an Alesis drum machine, plus a triton keyboard and various amps. However there are not enough preamps on the digi rack for me and I want to D.I. my guitar and bass parts as well as maybe either Micing the amp up or recording the Pod XT live at the same time.