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Looking for external soundcard w/ coax inputs. Transfer DATs to Laptop

Hi I have lots of DATs I need to transfer to my laptop. I'm looking for an external soundcard that does a straight digital pass through without resampling, unless told to do so. It needs to have coax in and USB out. Please help with suggestions. I'm open to other ideas to get the music to my laptop without unwanted resampling. Thanks!

classic audio soundcard for final capture

Hi guys..nowadays our malaysian economy is going down to the drain..our currency is rm4.3 against 1usd dollar!..I guess everybody in the world read of our corruptions prime minister!...politic I have to buy a cheap capture pc with cool nice cheap audiocard for final capture of mu summing...please help me with this choices for best nice big headroom clean sound..I m using pc win xp ser