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Looking for external soundcard w/ coax inputs. Transfer DATs to Laptop

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3 years 1 month
Hi I have lots of DATs I need to transfer to my laptop. I'm looking for an external soundcard that does a straight digital pass through without resampling, unless told to do so. It needs to have coax in and USB out. Please help with suggestions. I'm open to other ideas to get the music to my laptop without unwanted resampling. Thanks!

Monitoring and mixing down LIVE (NOT "Export Mixdown")...cannot do with new soundcard

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5 years 9 months
Hello all.

I use Cubase 5.5.3. I've recently switched to a new soundcard, a Native Instruments "AUDIO 6".
I used to use an RME Fireface 400 but changed because I needed something I could also use when out DJing.
With my previous soundcard, I was able to mixdown previously recorded parts, LIVE, and see the levels in my live monitoring channel. For some unknown reason, I cannot do this anymore. If I record enable the channel I want to record to, I see no levels whatsoever.

classic audio soundcard for final capture

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6 years 10 months
Hi guys..nowadays our malaysian economy is going down to the drain..our currency is rm4.3 against 1usd dollar!..I guess everybody in the world read of our corruptions prime minister!...politic I have to buy a cheap capture pc with cool nice cheap audiocard for final capture of mu summing...please help me with this choices for best nice big headroom clean sound..I m using pc win xp service pack 2 runs Cool Edit pro.

Soundcard noise issue

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8 years
Ok, I had another thread up here about problems with an Echo Layla. I've tried everything under the sun, and I just can't get it running, so I'm moving on and will be buying another interface soon. In the meantime, I needed to do some quick recording with the built-in soundcard (a SoundMAX Integrated Audio). I know everyone trashes built-in cards, and I don't intend to keep using it, but it sounded absolutely fine for my purposes.

Connecting AT2020 to Xonar Essence STX soundcard

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8 years 6 months

I currently own a Xonar Essence STX sound card, which i use in combination with a high-end high-impedance headphone (hd650). Im looking to do some instrumental recording, and I'm thinking of purchasing a AT2020 XLR to connect to this soundcard.

How can I use my POD XT Live as a soundcard (interface only)

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9 years 11 months

I want to ask how can I use my POD XT Live as my soundcard for RECORDING my guitar.
I mean, not recording the POD sound but use it as a INTERFACE ONLY.
Honestly I don't use distortion sounds of POD XT. When I connect POD to my Amp(s) it just ruin the sound (even if I deactivate all effects/amp emulations in it).
So for now I would like to use my POD as a soundcard only, I've heard POD has a pretty good soundcard?
I've tried to make this myself but I've always end up using POD as an amp and recording it...

Gear I have:

In search of soundcard for vocals, guitar, bass and even midi

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9 years 11 months
Hi! I roamed around the forum a bit, and I think it would be ok to ask for a help. So if there's a cooked answer already, just point me direction. But anyway.
I need to by a soundcard and mic, to record bass/guitar/vocals and use a midi keyboard (good old synthesizer in my case). Soooo, I thought about ESI Maya 44e - it's PCI-E, as I know they have no signal delay, but I'm definitely not sure with that, because the digital things inside the computer are quite friendly, but I never had affairs with soundcards, they're like invaders from Mars to me.