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Terratec DMX 6Fire vs. SSL2 for ShureSM7B

I know absolutely nothing about this stuff so I just wanted to check with you which one is better.
Im planning to record some youtube videos and the mic I'm going to use is Shure SM7B. So since its an XLR mic I need some sort of audio interface.

I know SSL2 is going to work fine with Shure but I already have Terratec DMX 6Fire, do you think this will work fine?

Looking for external soundcard w/ coax inputs. Transfer DATs to Laptop

Hi I have lots of DATs I need to transfer to my laptop. I'm looking for an external soundcard that does a straight digital pass through without resampling, unless told to do so. It needs to have coax in and USB out. Please help with suggestions. I'm open to other ideas to get the music to my laptop without unwanted resampling. Thanks!

Sound card to summing mixer mixup?

Hey guys,

my friend has an 8x8 soundcard (8 ins / 8 outs) Apogeesymphony.

I plan to buy a NEV-8816 summing mixer.

The summing mixer has more 8 more inputs than the soundcard.

Is it possible to use all 16 channels when doing analog processing even if my friends sound card only has 8 inputs ins/outs?

Or would i have to upgrade the symphony to 16 in/out to use up all channel on the summing mixer?

Low Latency Sound Card (Quality does not matter)

Does anyone have a recommendation for a low latency sound card? I hoped to find a few experts here.
The quality of the sound literally DOES NOT matter, as long as the sound is recognizeable. It's main purpose is professional gaming for a rather old game.
(windows 7 / priorities are latency>price>quality)

Can Samplitude capture audio from sound card?

Well, I did this question in the Samplitude general forum but, as always, ZERO answers... and in the specific forum I cannot register myself (it seems that they don't allow strangers...).

So, could anyone tell me if there is a way to capture audio from sound card in Samplitude?

Thanks in advance!

Monitoring and mixing down LIVE (NOT "Export Mixdown")...cannot do with new soundcard

Hello all.

I use Cubase 5.5.3. I've recently switched to a new soundcard, a Native Instruments "AUDIO 6".
I used to use an RME Fireface 400 but changed because I needed something I could also use when out DJing.
With my previous soundcard, I was able to mixdown previously recorded parts, LIVE, and see the levels in my live monitoring channel. For some unknown reason, I cannot do this anymore. If I record enable the channel I want to record to, I see no levels whatsoever.

classic audio soundcard for final capture

Hi guys..nowadays our malaysian economy is going down to the drain..our currency is rm4.3 against 1usd dollar!..I guess everybody in the world read of our corruptions prime minister!...politic I have to buy a cheap capture pc with cool nice cheap audiocard for final capture of mu summing...please help me with this choices for best nice big headroom clean sound..I m using pc win xp service pack 2 runs Cool Edit pro.

DIN6 Medical Heart Sound Cardio Microphone with XLR?


Dear all,

I am looking for a solution to the following problem:

I have an old Medical Heart Sound Cardio Microphone (HM 692) from the former eastern-german company RFT, made in 1978:

According to the manual it is a "piezoelectric acceleration sensor with transistor (common selector circuit".


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