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I'm preparing for a long project, archiving some local bands from many genres.

And I need advice on how to recording audio for this project...
So far I've had advice to buy either AKG 414 or Sennheiser 416...
The budget has around 2000$ for audio hardware, so let me know what you think the setup should be.

I would be shooting on HPX171 through XLR...and controled shoots, in closed interesting locations, without background noise.

The quality of course should be as good but not a studio type quality, without recording every single instrument...maximum 2 microphone setup.

Because there are so many different kind of bands, I could ask them to prepare an acoustic version of their song.
That could make things easier.

Any ideas on the recording strategy?

Thank you for your thoughts...and time.

Thank you,


RemyRAD Sat, 03/14/2009 - 23:48

You really don't want to record a PA system. That's beginner crap.

You take a stereo fee from the PA Board. Roll it into any stereo .wav capable recorder. Be it laptop, Zoom H4, any standalone digital recorder. You'll need 16 to 24 inputs, that's available on a Alesis HD 24 for mostly around $1500 US. A wise investment. Then you need the Fire Port to transfer H. D. 24 tracks into your Mac/PC. Then you'll be cooking with gas.

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