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My Journey as a Musician (Feel free to share yours)

My mother, (now retired) taught music at an elementary school for 22 years and was a major part of getting the school awarded the Blue Ribbon school of the country. I was her student for a few years and then off to middle school.
When I got kicked out of high school, I started dinking around on a cheap MIDI piano. Ran it into SONY ACID (does anyone remember SONY ACID? :sneaky:) and then attached a $15 mic I got from radio shack.

Musician wants to edit his own performance

I searched and didn't find any post on this topic, so I hope I'm not duplicating someone else's inquiry.

I record a couple of local classical chamber music series for radio broadcast. For an upcoming gig, the solo classical pianist has asked me to turn over my files from his rehearsal and performance, so he can edit them himself.

I've been doing classical field recording for radio off and on since 1978, and I've never had anyone ask for this before. (Maybe I've lived a sheltered life.)

Musician to hire vs. artistic integrity

Hi gang,
Sorry that I'm a bit less present these days, I'm in a few projects that takes me much of my time and energy ;)

I was wondering if I'm the only one to get screwed every time I want to help a band or recording artist when it gets to integrity and artistic taste.

Let me explain, I get these two guys coming to record an album. (once or twice a week)
The first time they came in, to my surprise they arrived with no instruments. My small studio only have my personnal instruments in it and I'm a bit reluctant to hand them to anybody.

Musician's Institute $81,000 LOL

I saw an advertisement for the Musician's Institute on the back of a bus today so that stirred up my curiosity. Would you pay $81,000.00 to go to Musician's Institute? LOL!
I'm thinking that even this school has become a business like anything else... a car dealership that wants your business... a mattress store... etc.

Real musicians are self-taught. They learn by ear. It's in their blood.

RODE NT4 stereo mic for recording musician strings percussion

I am a 1 man camera crew! (due to budget constraints)
I want to record some musicians(percussion and-or string-guitar) in a small enclosed space( a music store actually).

I was thinking of simply boom mounting a RODE NT4 stereo mic going straight into my Zoom H6.

Opinions? Would a good cardioid mic be a better choice?

Recording Musicians' track-sharing Network starting

Just opened today: The Recording Musicians' Network, a free, quality website to connect and collaborate on creating new songs. It is based on the concept of "track sharing," where recording musicians from various geographical locations are hired to contribute an instrument layer to someone else's project. Members can form virtual bands, post audio samples of what they have to offer, and browse other available musicians and project invitations.

Seeking Indie Musicians for Moonshark’s #1 Mobile Music Game – DancePad!

Moonshark is NOW accepting submissions, for a chance to have yourmusic included in our latest mobile music game, DancePad. A featured app byApple (New and Noteworthy, Featured Games, What’s Hot), DancePad is the hottestmobile music game to hit the App Store. Within 2 weeks of launch, DancePad wasdownloaded over 750, 000 times



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