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Does anyone else feel that iLok is screwing them?

I have come across a situation that I honestly feel I am being taken advantage of. I would like some objective feedback on this considering that many of you will come across this same situation at sometime or another.

Here is the deal: I purchased, in this case, Auto Tune 4 from Antares some time ago. To use this software Antares along with many other plugin developers have contracted with iLok to secure their software. I would greatly assume that iLok charges these developers to use their system. Which, for the record, I totally understand the need for copy protection and agree with it. So, to use this software that I bought & own I need to authorize it through iLok - which works for the most part perfectly. Now, here is the problem: if I decide that I no longer want to use this software and would like to take the authorization off of my iLok or sell the software, again that I own, iLok is going to charge me $25. The problem with this is not necessarily the $25 fee, I'm cheap but not that cheap, it's the principle. I am not the one that 'hired' iLok to secure the software the manufactures did! It's bad enough that no one 'gave' me an iLok - I had to buy it! But now I am going give them more money so I can do what I want with my software? Absurd! Totally absurd and in my opinion defies all logic!

I have never been the type to sit back and just get taken advantage I ask you, do you feel this is fair? Or would you feel like the 'new kid' in the jail cell getting something that you really didn't sign up for? Honestly I think a lawyer would have a field day with this!

I would image that iLok has made a good amount from those of us that have to use this system and would like to transfer ownership of your software.

I wish I had an alternative way to get around this but essentially my software is being held hostage by iLok and quite frankly I am not happy about it!


Also, iLok is aware of this post and if you do feel that they are taking advantage of us now is the time to speak. Possibly they will see that what they are doing is wrong and change policy.