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Looking at picking up an H3000 second hand. Think it's worth the $800-$900?


moonbaby Wed, 04/05/2006 - 14:53
Possibly. There are several versions of the H3000 listed in PrePal (H3000D/SX, H3000B, H3000S, etc). figure out which one is the one you are looking at. They average from $791-993 (USD) there. One caveat:
as good as the Eventide gear is, it can be an expensive decision to buy if it wasn't cared for properly. That puppy is over 15 years old, and may need internal memory batteries, etc that may not have been replaced in a timely manner. Also, go to Eventide's website and see if they list the model in their "still supported" section. They are very good at keeping that type of information updated. They may also be able to tell you what to look for in terms of upgrades or potential headaches. Do your homework, you can get burned by a piece of outdated DSP, no matter how good a "deal" it seemed at the time.

StevenColbert Wed, 04/05/2006 - 19:46
That's good advice from moonbaby. I don't own one of the older models but the 2 Eventides I do have are to die for. I know that Eventide claims that the newer units have 4 times the prcessing power. Big deal right?
Who cares...Do they sound good? Well it's Eventide. To me it sounds like a safe bet, but I don't know that particular model and Moonbaby said the more important stuff already.

Hope things are looking up for you moonbaby!