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Help finding the right interface/control surface!

Hey, I'm about to set up a new project studio and am looking for help choosing the right interface.I previously worked with an Emu 0404 and a small analog mixer as my interface, which was rather limited but did the job at the time.

Now I would like to upgrade my studio to something that can record a full drum kit keeping all the channels seperate for mixing later. I will be using either Acid Pro 6 or Cakewalk Sonar which both support multitrack recording.

I have heard a lot about the Mackie Onyx series, which is probably a bit out of my price range, but I would squeeze it if I had to. However, although there are multiple inputs to the pc via firewire, is it possible to use the faders on the mixer to control the software after the recording has taken place?

I have also been told about Peavey's PV Series USB mixers, but I fear the USB may not hack much recording as I've heard of USB problems with the early Tascam interfaces.

I've also heard about Alesis MultiMix, Phonic Helix, Tascam FW, etc.. etc.. There is really too much to choose from and I'm getting completely baffled by what each one does. What do you recommend if I want to be able to record in at least 8 channels and manipulate them later using a mixer?


Pro Audio Guest Sun, 08/06/2006 - 04:40
interface/control surface

Cant actually "recommend" a solution to your interface question, however I too am in the market for something with the same i/o configuration & have looked seriously at the Focusrite Sapphire Pro.
It has 8 analog i/o either XLR or balanced jack & ADAT, even if you dont have a pre with ADAT its a good option to have.
By the way, I wouldnt bother with USB, go firewire or PCI.
I would add that I had a brief & gnarly experience with a MOTU 896HD which cost me hundreds of dollars to remedy & took 5 years off my life. That will probably generate an outcry from staunch MOTU users but I do think their quality control has dwindled. Hope that helps...