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control surface

Icon Qcon Pro X control surface - Review

Some of you were curious about this controler when I brought it up in a discussion.
So I just finished and posted this video where I review it.
Sorry about the focus chasing.. I definitly need to used fixed focus in the future.
Also my accent is worst than usual. I guess I was a bit tired when I did it.
When I started youtube video I would script my texts, but I now improvise on the spot. It ends with more hesitations and langauge mistakes but I feel it's more natural.

Your comments and questions are more than welcome !

If you were interested in a DAW control surface

Which would you be looking at?

I'm just curious... I've given some thought lately to having an actual surface from which I could work in a more tactile fashion, as opposed to "mousing" every command, particularly when it comes to the mixing end of things.

I'm woefully out of touch with what's out there these days when it comes to control surfaces.

I'm not an Avid guy, so I don't see the need in spending multiple-thousands of dollars on what amounts to an overblown - and proprietary - surface for PT, when I don't use PT.

LynxTWO B, ProjectMix I/O Control Surface and Pro Tools - How To Put It Together

hey guys, needs some help.

Recently built a computer that's pretty robust and i'm running a projectmix i/o control surface with Pro Tools 10. now, i'm pretty versed on its operation etc but the computer this one replaced used to be my old home theater pc, which had a lynxtwo b soundcard that still gets great reviews.

with that said, i hate to see the card not being used and was wondering:

A) is there some way to incorporate this card into the setup that would make it more advantageous than it is, and

B) if so, why would be advantageous?

Control Surface

Available in many sizes and levels of complexity, control surfaces are used to control the functions of some other device, often a computer software program.

Particularly in computer based audio recording and mixing, a control surface can replace the tiresome use of the computer mouse, and provides a physical connection with many or all of the parameters in a given piece of software. Additionally some control surfaces can provide additional features that are usually found on dedicated consoles, such as talkback facilities.

Good control surface?

Okay so for a while now ive been wondering whats the best control surface to buy, or even if I'm needing one exactly!

My current set-up is basic, i have an emu 0404 for plugging in 2 mic or 1/4 connection and space for midi connection also.
Then I'm running various programs on my macbook (soon pro tools too) and i have a few different things i plug in, such as a midi keyboard style controller.

DAW Control Surface opinions and comments

Looking for some experienced comments.
I would like to know anyone's likes/dislikes using control surfaces with Cubase as well as control of VST Plugins for a PC platform...
Any preference you have on Firewire or USB protocols.

Some of the units out there I've looked into.

Steinberg CC121
Mackie MCU Pro, Extender Pro, Control C4
NI Kore 2.1
and any others I've missed or not aware of!


Moving from analog mixer to control surface... how to?

I currenntly have a studio with (2) Pro Tools HD 192 systems. A Toft AT32 mixer, 3 Focusrite Octopres, 2 sets of monitors and a bunch of patchbays and outboard gear.

The only thing I use the Toft for is 2 channels out and for a talkback. Also, it looks cool :)

Everything works great but Im ready to move on to a nice control surface like the CONTROL24 or the Mackie Universal Pro board with the extenders. I hate using a mouse for everything!

DAW control surface


I have been looking at the Mackie Control cos I need some way of remote controlling my Mac and PC (not at the same time).

I really only need basic control of the transport functions as I often record in a seperate room to the computers (helps with noise) but the Mackie is vastly overspecified for my needs.
It's a bit of a PITA having to click the record button then run next door, grab the cans and prepare myself...!

Is there some other option that would suit me with just basic control of Logic or Cubase?