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  • Archtop Guitar
  • PreSonus 2 channel BlueTube
  • Allen & Heath ZED 10FX Mixer
  • Canon XA10 Camcorder

First, I'm recording direct so Micing the guitar is not an option so please don't suggest it. Guitar into Bluetube, and Bluetube into M2 on the ZED. Channel panned full right as I'm also recording a backing track on the left channel and want the separation for post edit. Main XLR L/R out into XLR inputs on camcorder.

What I'm finding is that even when the guitar audio is normalized in post in the computer, the sound is not very clear, nor punchy. Aside from playing with EQ, what other suggestions are there for getting a clearer, punchier, and more robust guitar sound?

Thank you!


pcrecord Mon, 02/05/2018 - 12:22

Recording electric guitars direct is hard because most of the sound is usually made by the amp and the moving speaker (mic placement too)
Did you try to record via the Zed without the Bluetube ? Tubes are often slow preamps..
To me I never had satisfying results until I had a highend preamp (the focusrite ISA)
But a good Di may be your first step. I just bought a Radial Di recently and I'm with the sound compared to direct to the instrument input.

MC208 Mon, 02/05/2018 - 12:30

Thanks for the reply pcrecord. I do recall going direct into the Hi Z guitar input in the past, but I don't recall it changing the sound very much. Perhaps worth visiting again.
Can you be more specific as to the "good Di" I looked up Radial and see they make several products.

I just saw on Radial's FAQ:

Which passive DI box would you recommend for recording an Archtop Guitar with stock Gibson humbuckers?

The JDI is our best passive direct box and will sound fabulous with your jazz guitar.

EDIT: I just checked our stash and found one of these, any good?

If this Rolls box will work, how should it be connected with my gear, and where should the switches be set to on the unit?

Didn't see your second reply. Do you mean like a VST plugin? If so, I haven't tried an amp simulator. I wouldn't want to change the actual sound of the guitar too much. But as far as that goes, any suggestion for one?

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