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Direct bass overloading/clipping

I'm recording a bass direct into my DAW and getting a lot of clipping/popping/overloading, and I can't quite figure out where the problem is. To get the particular sound I want from this bass part, I have to hit the strings quite hard--harder than I normally play. Going direct into my Focusrite 2i2's instrument input, I would get pops on the pick attack.

Direct monitoring using cuemix and Cubase 10

Hi all,

As I'm new to this forum, I'd like to give a little background about me. I'm a hobbyist who doesn't record/mix/master for commercial use at all.
Just a hobby that went completely out of hand and used solely to track rehearsals and make a "decent" recording once a year.

  • 2 electric guitars running signal through pedal boards
  • Semi acoustic guitar, during rehearsals tracked via jack, during recording sessions tracked using mics

Connecting XLR mic directly to laptop

Hey. Im looking at snagging a beater laptop to mess around with until my larger desktop system is built, and the space in the house cleared.

The laptop has an 1/8" combination mic/headphone jack. Commonly used for headset mics for gaming. Im presuming this is a trrs connector.

Im thinking i can hooking up my sure beta 57 to it via one of the adapters in the link below. Im just wondering if i should expect this to work.

Otherwise ill have to dig out my 11r and tabketop rack, or order a basic interface.

How 2 get more clear/punchier guitar sound when recording direct?

  • Archtop Guitar
  • PreSonus 2 channel BlueTube
  • Allen & Heath ZED 10FX Mixer
  • Canon XA10 Camcorder
First, I'm recording direct so Micing the guitar is not an option so please don't suggest it. Guitar into Bluetube, and Bluetube into M2 on the ZED. Channel panned full right as I'm also recording a backing track on the left channel and want the separation for post edit. Main XLR L/R out into XLR inputs on camcorder.

Samplitude - AUX/Output (Direct)

Hello all! A little question:

When we right click on the AUX slot either in Track Editor or in Object Editor, 3 options appear: AUX/Output (Direct), AUX/Output (Pre) and AUX/Output (Post).

I know and understand very well about 'Pre' and 'Post', but I don't know what mens 'Direct'...

What is this? Where it is located in the plugin chain?

Thanks in advance!


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