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Direct bass overloading/clipping

I'm recording a bass direct into my DAW and getting a lot of clipping/popping/overloading, and I can't quite figure out where the problem is. To get the particular sound I want from this bass part, I have to hit the strings quite hard--harder than I normally play. Going direct into my Focusrite 2i2's instrument input, I would get pops on the pick attack.

Connecting XLR mic directly to laptop

Hey. Im looking at snagging a beater laptop to mess around with until my larger desktop system is built, and the space in the house cleared.

The laptop has an 1/8" combination mic/headphone jack. Commonly used for headset mics for gaming. Im presuming this is a trrs connector.

Im thinking i can hooking up my sure beta 57 to it via one of the adapters in the link below. Im just wondering if i should expect this to work.

Otherwise ill have to dig out my 11r and tabketop rack, or order a basic interface.

Samplitude - AUX/Output (Direct)

Hello all! A little question:

When we right click on the AUX slot either in Track Editor or in Object Editor, 3 options appear: AUX/Output (Direct), AUX/Output (Pre) and AUX/Output (Post).

I know and understand very well about 'Pre' and 'Post', but I don't know what mens 'Direct'...

What is this? Where it is located in the plugin chain?

Thanks in advance!