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Hi-hat on Staying Alive by Bee Gees.

One of the best if not the best hi hat I've ever heard.

Unless there's some games going on with it and there's something else mixed with it like a tamborine?

Do you know what's happening there?

1. Drummer
2. Type of hats
3. Mic(s)
4. Placement
5. Effects
6. Surprises



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audiowkstation Sun, 12/08/2002 - 11:48

In was due to the whole production being real instruments. I had a layout on Saturday night fever and I believe a 565SD Shure dynamic was used. I lost that layout in the big flood in New Orleans May 8-11 1995 so this is from memory.

It is a good one...but "Stuff like that" with Quincy Jones (same era) was much better IMHO..