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Great review on the VMP 4000e. with a US price of $1497.00 for a quad pre..

Also to all:
take note that Sebatron is offering a 2 channel version called the VMP 2000e and it's going for $850.00 USD . an equally unbelievable price for a 2 channel/stereo tube pre.

great job Kurt


KurtFoster Sun, 04/13/2003 - 15:10

Bobby Loux,
Thanks for those kind words! This is a sign of where Chris is taking RO ... new and brighter horizons.

I am please to report that RO members who have purchased one of these great quad tube mic pres are reporting the same great results as I did. Watch for ~Sebatrons~® new Banner Ad campaign here on RO. You can contact ~Sebatron~® on the web at
Here is a link to the article.

You may look forward to other reviews of many great products. We hope to get RO moderators and members to contribute. If anyone has something they want to review please contact me. I need at least 1500 words. Pictures are nice also but sometimes we can get these from websites with the OEMs consent.

Coming soon; is a review of the
Millennia Media "ORIGIN"® channel strip.
I can hardly wait to get my grubbies on this one.

Also of note; my review of the Speck 5.0 MICPRE®

There is a review of Specks ASC EQ® due soon! Watch for this review of these wonderful new EQs! Very enlightening!

While you’re there don’t miss e-cues review of the A Designs Audio MP-2 tube mic pre.®

Go to the E Mag and print it out.
You can then keep it in the library to read while you relax. Thanks for your support! Kurt