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I've been doing this way to long to ask such a simple question, but what is the skinny on setting up a pcm 90 the right way with a console. I have a Yamaha 02r and I'm using the aux sends to get my
reverb signal. Should I use two aux sends and use the two inputs on
the unit or is one aux send into one input sufficient. Obviously I'm using the stereo out puts for both situations. When I use both inputs
I seem to be hearing a richer return, however I might just be hearing
more gain from the reverb.

Also on a pcm 90 or 91, how would I use it with the digital input, the 02r
doesn't have a digital aux send.

Anybody out there?

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AudioGaff Sun, 11/14/2004 - 09:36

Per the manual, you MUST use both inputs on a PCM90 or PCM91 be it stereo in or dual mono with y-cord.

But.... I find at times with any reverb that just using one input and/or one output can be the right amount of spice when using any more comes accross as too desnse or heavy handed.

As for digital input, use it the same way. Find a way to send it either a stereo or dual signal and return it to a bus or a unused channel.