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I just moved in to a very small rectangle room, the longest length only 310cm

So according to the rules of 38% listening position, it'll be at around 117cm
This is really crazy close to the monitors if monitors placement at around 1-1.5ft away from the front wall.

What's your opinions, advices, suggestions to place the speakers & listener?

p/s: Can I just make it the other way route (calculation)? Listening Position at 62%


DonnyThompson Tue, 07/18/2017 - 06:35

Not much you can do - except find a larger space.
Without knowing all the dimensions (L/W/H) or the materials used in the construction, or the location of the room in the structure (first or second floor, etc) ... essentially what you have - if I'm relatively close on the metric conversion in my head - is not much bigger than a typical walk-in closet.
Others here on RO may have suggestions, unfortunately I do not. By and large, The smaller the space you are in, the more acoustic issues you will have.
While I'm not normally a proponent for mixing with headphones, This may be one of those scenarios where you should get a really good pair of cans (good ones) and reference your mixes in that way.


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