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I thought this mix I did might serve as an interesting analog mastering comparison using a few compressors with tubes and trannies.

Even though the LA-2A and 1176 is best suited for tracking and mixing, who cares right, I'm more interested in the colour on this one. The beauty of hybrid is ability to master something clean or add colour in many ways. Lets see what these gems sound like paired up and put to the test on the master chain.

3 versions of the same song.

My Original Mix:


Then remastering the original through a pair of unlinked LA-2A vs a pair of unlinked 1176.
This is what the trannies sounded like with just a touch of compression. Both set barely kissing the track.





Credit notes:

Courtesy of
Written and Produced By Kara Hesse and Ron Flemming
Background vocals: Angela Flemming
Drums : Ryan Hoyle ( Collective Soul)
Bass: Bennet Pullen
Guitar: Chebon Tiger
Mixed by audiokid at Big Mix (v-13-v-4)


audiokid Thu, 11/07/2013 - 20:49

SPL Kultube stereo compressor

I Added one more :

SPL Kultube stereo compressor .

This one is considered a hybrid design. It has more options than most compressors - It isn't talked about a lot which is surprising to me. I love SPL gear. This thing has a really nice way it centers a track while bringing the mids forward.
Instead of using it to compress, I used the optional tube blend which adds a bit of grit and the optional De Comp mode with Progressive Time Control.


Which do you like best?
What do you notice different between each version?