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Teletronix LA2A - History and How it Works

With the advent of classic gain reduction units in software/plug-in form, I thought I would start a series of threads explaining how these original classic units worked - kind of a "what makes them tick" series of threads, for those who are using emulations from companies like…

Mastering with 2 UA LA2A vs UA 1176LN

I thought this mix I did might serve as an interesting analog mastering comparison using a few compressors with tubes and trannies.

Even though the LA2A and 1176 is best suited for tracking and mixing, who cares right, I'm more interested in the colour on this one. The beauty of hybrid is ability to master something clean or add colour in many ways. Lets see what these gems sound like paired up and put to the test on the master chain.

3 versions of the same song.

My Original Mix:

New UAD plugs at NAMM - LA2A M2 and more

So far, nothing that exciting for most people from the [[url=http://[/URL]=""]Universal Audio booth at NAMM.[/]=""]Universal Audio booth at NAMM.[/] But they have introduced the plugin that I've personally been waiting for - the Mark 2 version of the LA2A.

LA2A Tubes

I have two band new UA LA-2A , bought two sets of GE LP 12AX7 pair + RCA 12BH7 , that were vintage new and matched and switched the stock LA-2A tubes out.

Was there a difference?

I used a Neumann M 149 into an SPL Premium mic pre (which conveniently has two outputs per channel, (a cool parallel setup).

tracking with an LA2A is amazing.

Wow, smoke

Right in your face.

Trying to get the same sound after vocals are printed doesn't compare. What a glorious sound tracking with an LA-2A.
It makes me wonder how the Apollo and the LA-2A plug-in would stack up to the hardware. My guess is no contest to the real deal but if you have an Apollo, please chime in and let us know what you think.

Distressor's Opto mode vs LA2A sound?

Hi there

It's in the title really. I always come here for the sensible grounded advice that other forum's can lack at times. That's a compliment in case you're wondering. :biggrin:

How well can a Distressor's Opto mode carry off an LA2A sound?

The reason I ask is because I'll be buying one of them at the end of this month. So far this year, I have already picked up a Mohog Audio MoFet76 and an API 2500, both of which I am delighted with.