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The LA-2A has simple controls: a Peak-Reduction knob controls the gain of the side-chain circuit, and therefore, the gain reduction; a Gain Control for make-up gain; and a Limit/Compress switch which alters the compression ratio. The VU meter may also be switched to show the gain reduction or output level.

Tracking into an LA-2A is amazing

Trying to get the same sound after vocals are printed doesn't compare.

What a glorious sound you get tracking into an LA-2A. It makes me wonder how the Apollo and the LA-2A plugin would stack up to the hardware. My guess is no contest to the real deal but if you have an Apollo, please chime in and let us know what you think.

UAD LA-2A and 1176LN, Which Native Plugin comes Closest.

Anyone know of any Native plugin that comes close to UAD's LA-2A and the 1176LN emulation.

I will be getting a UAD pack in about a month. But untill then I need a plugin that has the Lushness and Creamyness of the UAD's LA-2A .

Which plugin compressor have you used that comes the closest. Thanks
Help is appreciated.

And which PAK to you recommend?