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XLR to instrument cable (1/4 inch)?

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8 months 1 week
Hello everybody,
Let's say I have 2 mics (2 dynamic mics so no phantom power required), they're XLR mics so they take up a XLR slot on my interface (Behringer UMC22). I only have 1 XLR slot and 1 instrument slot (for guitar, bass etc) so only one can be plugged in. I found a converter online that converts XLR cables to instrument cable, can I use this to plug one of those mics into the instrument cable port? Or is it not going to work? They don't require phantom power.

Beginner question -- cables for Portastudio 414 MKII

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1 year 6 months
Hello. I am new to the forum and new to tape recording, too. In fact, I just purchased a Portastudio 414 MK II and am waiting for it to arrive. I will mostly fiddle around with it to make demos on its own, but once I have the basics figured out I want to know how best to connect this to my computer. I use an Apogee Duet as an interface through Garage Band (I know there are far better DAWs out there, but I am still very green when it comes to recording and Garage Band has worked ok for the basic needs I've had so far). So, my questions are:

Long runs of unbalanced cable.

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12 years 2 months
Hey i may have to run some 25-60ft runs of cable from an unbalanced source (cassette machine, reel to reel, tascam m-30 mixer, record player) to the converter. The sources are on RCA type connections with 1/4" or xlr on the converter depending on what model i get. Im trying to transfer some tapes and records to digital, some personal, some commercial stuff.

guitar cable screening question.

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8 years 11 months
I found a dodgy guitar lead that had a buzz today ,

I plugged the cable into my amplifier with an nothing plugged in to the other end .
Then I did this with all my cables and got varied results .
Some cables I could hear my hand running down the outside and some
I could hear if I lightly tapped the cable .
To be honest , only 2 cables out of 10 or so were nice and quiet .

So I started wondering about using a dual core screen , join the earth core with the screen only at one end

USB Cable Length for Audio Interface

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12 years 2 months
hey I was just wondering if the length of the USB cable matters for audio interfaces, or at what point (length) performance becomes effected?

I'm just messing around with a Scarlett solo during his interim, and have a chance to mess with various orientations and configurations for a few (prof of concept) swipe I've started to get going.

Anyway I'm testing out having my computers and interfaces in a machine room or seperated from the edit area.

So not critical in this case, but got me wonderin'.


A "whistling" noise from all my amps with a cable plugged !!

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4 years 5 months
I'm facing a huge problem making it impossible to record any electric instrument anymore! Here a recap:

1. Since some time I've got a "whistling" noise when I plug cables with or without guitar (all three of them) in any of my FOUR amps (three tube and one modeling Line6). Frequency of the noise +/-2,5 kH. I've never had that problem before.

Help connecting cable, speaker monitors to converters

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5 years 5 months
Hello! I need some help from you! Can you ehplane me how to connect Focusrite isa Two to Lynx Aurora 16? What cables should I use? And how to connect monitors (Adam A8x) with all of that? I will not use any other outboard gear.