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Preamp and Soundcard - Challenge for gurus!!!

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Hi folks

I have a gear-related challenge which, if it's the evening in your part of the world, and you've had a beer or two, you might (fingers crossed) be willing to take up!

Summary: I'm changing PCs, and have decided to also splash out on a new preamp and sound card to go with it. I have some specific criteria, which after a review of the market I'm starting to believe I'm going to be disappointed....

The challenge: can you recommend the hardware that will work?

Current signal path: Neumann U87Ai => Focusrite Voicemaster Pro => M Audio Audiophile 192 => new PC (will be Intel Quad Core, running Sonar 7 and two PCI UAD-1's) => Tannoy Reveal 8D. Currently whole signal path is SPDIF. My belief is that the pre and interface are both going to compromise what might otherwise be a good quality setup. This is a home/project studio, and all the mixing is in the box.

New gear - Must have's:

1. Must be a decent pre, that's commensurate with the U87 (i.e better than Voicemaster Pro)
2. Recognise that soundcard could be PCI, PCIe, Firewire or USB2 - but want good quality AD/DA converters (again in keeping with the system)
3. Absolutely want some form of zero-latency monitoring, along with monitor reverb for the singer. This could be either on-board the card/pre, or supplied by my Lexicon Alex...quality less important, but want something (e.g had looked at Focusrite Saffire Pro 10, however no way of patching in reverb to monitor signal!! :(
4. Recognise that the solution may lay in either separate audio interface and mic pre, or some kind of high quality audio interface that meets the needs of 1-3 above... just can't find it though!
5. Currently appreciate the 'channel strip' nature of the Voicemaster Pro, especially simple monitoring options and availability of light compression for tracking. Latter would be a 'nice to have' in the new hardware.

As usual, I would be grateful in any thoughts (and pathetically grateful to any audio Genius who can put me out of my misery)

Thanks and kind regards, Bill Hester


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Spase Fri, 03/07/2008 - 15:17
You could get another preamp with the S/PDIF outputs - such as the API A2D or the Grace Lunatec - and keep your current card. As the AD converter is in the pre, I don't think the card will make much difference as long as it has the right formating options for you (Hz and bit depth). If you're set on another card, I use an EMU 1616 (upgraded from the 1212) and those would work well, I think the 1212 is $150 ATM - the 0404 is probably cheaper (I think it has the S/PDIF). There are a few other fairly inexpensive cards that would have the S/PDIF and would therefore be bypassing the cards converters for the preamps.