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Pristine Space - Please help me understand "true stereo

Ok, I've got Pristine Space, and I am an ex-SIR user. I have a basic understanding that SIR does the mono-stereo thingie, it's not "true stereo". But boy is it easy to load up an impulse and just go with it.

However, I am under the impression and thinking that "true stereo reverb" like PS will sound better? I know PS controls, and I see that true stereo requires FOUR channels. I open the preset for True Stereo and see that 4 channels become active, and that two channels have their dry signal turned off... I'm a bit confused. Help me understand a few concepts anyone please.

1) Why 4 channels for stereo?
2) Do I open the same impulse for each channel or does it have to be a different impulse?
3) Does the impulse have to be a "stereo" impulse?
4) How do I know if an impulse is stereo or mono?