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Space and Time - Song with AIC/Jar of Flies vibe

Hi all,

This is a song I wrote about 2 years ago with an Alice In Chains / Jar Of Flies vibe. I painstakingly retracked all guitars to this song and did a remix. Feedback most welcome:


(Words by Jonathan Linton, Music by Jonathan Linton)

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Advice on renting space for a recording studio

hey y'all, as one who really hates renting and credit etc, I'm usually opposed to this type of thing but it seems a good deal. I was looking at a 9x9 in the same facility for $150. The manager called yesterday with this opening up next month.

$200/mo. No lease, just security deposit.

15x20 space, 10' ceilings.


Fingerprint security

Need a 12 space, but not sure about brands

I was looking for a budget flight case and ran across an ad for a Cavin RW12 Road Warrior for $200 bucks. It looks new but then I noticed the ad didn't say anything about being ATA certified. I could get a Road Runner or Gator brand at Guitar Center which I think are ATA certified for just slightly more. Or a ProX ATA.

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Help Please Treating Oddly Shaped Acoustic Space

Newbie trying to get better quality vocals at home. I have the gear, I just need advice on how to set up.

The space is basically open, as it is a small dining room that opens up to a larger living room and has a doorway (with no door) to a kitchen. That may itself be the problem.Terrible echo.

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Mobile Live Sound Rig (half rack space unit)

Starting in January, I am going to be going into schools with one other guy and putting on presentations. We need a small, portable system to drag around with us that is easy to set up and strike. We need two inputs for each of our headsets, two more for each of our guitars, one for playing music, and one for miscellaneous. Here is my idea. I want to use a unit like this:

Space Oddity. really. From Space.

While Avid are patting themselves on their back for lowering their upgrade pricing for Pro Tools 10 users who have Complete Production Tool Kit to go to PT11 HD, Sonar X2 has just returned from orbiting the Earth. No. I'm not kidding. Chris Hadfield, former commander of the international space station did some recording in space.

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