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This might be interesting - we produce a lot of show tracks. Mostly used as click tracks in stage type shows - for where you need extra musical parts you simply cannot do live, or as emergency tracks where a band member might simply be unable to sing due to illness - the usual coughs and colds, or where simple medical issues make certain thing impossible.

The song in this video is Close to You - a popular track and very well known. Carpenters tributes and the sounds of the 70's type shows often feature it, but to do it properly requires the complex backing harmonies. In this video we do a walkthrough of the track with various parts solo'd.

See what you think - it's a really cleverly arranged track by the Carpenters and hopefully, we do it justice. I was quite impressed Youtube's content control identified it from the harmonies!


audiokid Fri, 05/06/2022 - 08:23

Re Tempo Mapping:

I remember you talking about your tempo mapping process a few years back (interesting topic) < https://recording.o… .  I know more about your process in Cubase now. :)

Karen Carpenter sure had a beautiful voice. So smooth.  Those were great days.

Well done, thanks for sharing!