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Recreating Carpenters harmonies for stage tracks

This might be interesting - we produce a lot of show tracks. Mostly used as click tracks in stage type shows - for where you need extra musical parts you simply cannot do live, or as emergency tracks where a band member might simply be unable to sing due to illness - the usual coughs and colds, or where simple medical issues make certain thing impossible.

What are these harmonies?

This question is probably going to make me sound like a noob, but what type of harmonies is T-pain using in this song? There's just so many different harmonies going on. I can't pick them out and I don't have much experience with it. If that question doesn't make sense, then basically, how do I harmonize like t-pain in that song? What scales/chords/ whatever is he using? Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I couldn't find anything better.

Lush Vocal Harmonies


Okay, I thank the folks who replied to this post last time. But, those weren't the answers I was looking for. I guess I'm asking a multi-tiered question. In my limited studio experience I have not had the opportunity to work with a REALLY good harmonizer unit Eventide/T.C./etc. My initial question is does anyone recommend one over the other? For what reason? How have you used that unit in your recordings? Thanks...Rob

Backing vocal harmonies/ What is best to use?


One thing that I, in my very limited studio experience, have not had the pleasure of working with, is Harmonizers/voice doulers...etc. I was just listening to Crossfades song "Colors" and was wondering if any of you big sharks out there, know what type of harmonizer they were using. I've had some experience with Antares auto-tune...and that can give you a decent harmony structure, especially if you combine it with some of the plugins available in Logic. But I've never got that "LUSH" sound like I heard in this song. Any suggestions guys?

Recording Harmonies

I've been having trouble lately getting my harmonies to blend in my mix.
I don't realy know what the best approach for recording/mixing them is.
Should I try to use the exact same mic and effects and everything or should I use a completely different mic and set of effects to try and make it sound lke a different voice.
This might be a dumb question but I've never been able to get my harmonies exactly how I want them.

thanks for the help

Creating Vocal Harmonies


I recently watched a Pro Tools promotion video where the narrater doubled an audio take and used a pitch shifter to create a vocal harmony. It sounded perfect, however it was very fast and I could not catch any technique used to do it. Also, I use Cubase SX3, not Pro Tools 7.

Does anybody have any experience doing this (particularily using Cubase)? It seems like such a time saver to do this over recording an actual harmony.

Thanks so much!

Backing vocals harmonies


I have tried and tried again and tried a bit more and then i tried again but I can't seem to make any good backing vocals. I searched the internet but there is not very much information about it.. seems like a secret that you either know about or don't. :)

I saw one tip about just raising the pitch 2 half note steps but it seems that doesn't work as a general plan since sometimes the notes of the backing vocals then end up "outside" the scale. So i reckon they have to be adjusted to notes that actually are in the scale but it still doesn't sound too well.