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I produce a broadcast piece. It is spoken word, recorded with a Mackie, a Shure SM7B, Compressor and Motu's DP with an 896HD.

Is -12db normal and -6db peaks the proper, or accetable set of rules for recording/outputting for broadcast audio?




Kev Wed, 02/09/2005 - 12:21

more like -18 or -20dB FS

A test CD may be of use to you.
Some CDs have more than just test tones and a spoken word track at the Broadcast standard could be a good learning tool for you.

Be aware that there seems to be a couple of Broadcast standards and growing
and you need to specify which one you are aiming at,
internet delivery
and so on

big subject

Bob Katz has a web site that helps a little here.
Also the manufacturers have data in there instruction books that both help and confuse.
TC electronics have units like the TC-Max and I think you can download the manual. This can also be of use to try to understand where the various theroies come from.

Yes I can here all the crys of the old fellows BUT the fact is we now live in a far more diverse broadcast world and the old rule are constantly being broken.

The BBC will probably have a very old view on things if you want to get back to basics of transmitter over-deviation.

I have some pages with level data but, if you can believe this , I can't remember where I uploaded them ... here at RO or at my new place.
silly me
I'll see what I can find.

Kev Thu, 02/10/2005 - 15:26

If we are just concerntrating on the internet delivery then some of the hardcore Broadcast standards aimed at Transmitters ... both analog and digital can be set aside.

I still suggest you get your hands on that TC-Max handbook to read up on a little background.

Is this internet streaming going to be edited stuff or is it streamed live ?

Kev Thu, 02/10/2005 - 17:10

Yes the Ozone plug and these MultiBand Dynamic and EQ mastering tools have been mentioned here before.

I'll take a look at that 'listen' button when I get home on the weekend
I warn you that my net is slow and don't expect to be able to complete the process.

... yes I'll look to your web site for the email.

I do like to do things in the forum or on a web page so others can look in too.

I have a web page in development that looks at these issues.

The OLD broadcast levels were about analog transmitters and deviation.
Over deviation is NOT on.

Do I need to explain any of this history or should we just head straight to streaming ?


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