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Hi, I have a Soundcraft Ghost 24 and a MOTU 24i/0 and a pc running sonar. When I route 24 channels from Sonar to the ghost and then want to record the mix down I can't find out the best way to do this.

I can do it using our masterlink CD recorder but it is not exactly time synced so if I then want to re import the mix, it is slightly out. The word clock on the Masterlink and the MOTU 24 i/o are not compatable.

How can I mix down the 24 ghost channels back into Sonar. The only ways I have been able to was to only use 22 channels and record back in through 23/24. The other way is to press the group buttons down at the very back (say channels 23 and 24) and then route every channel to groups 7/8. This does work but I don't know if I am deteriorationg the summing.

Can one of you ghost experts point me to the right procedure please? Many thanks,


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