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Routing analog & digital audio between two DAWS

Hey all,

I'm doing the planning for my new system.
I have magix Samplitude pro x, and I'm considering Pro Tools HD12.

Magix would be the main capture/compose/edit system due to high track count and clean coding.

PTHD would be primarily for mixing (mainly volumes and panning). Since it does 10 video tracks and 7.1 it's the unfortunate (expensive) choice.

Power cable routing

Kinda of unsure where to post this topic exactly.
I have 2 Furmans power conditioners that are loaded with gear such as monitors, f/x, DAW Controller, Kybd midi controller...
Most of the power cables are routed away from any audio snakes and other cables.
It is a fairly tight set up on a custom built studio desk.

Cubase guitar monitoring routing/bus


Does anyone know, how to route/bus a guitar input signal in Cubase, to a specific output channel?
And, if possible, so only the inputsignal is routed (when monitored for example), not the channel itself

I would like to use Amplitube, and get the guitar sound to a guitar amp using Cubase (so I can record the dry sound and hear the wet sound)

Routing Question

Hey guys quick question I had two way communication (Ability to monitor the live and computer mix at the same time.) going on my M-Audio Fast Track Ultra, my EuroDesk SX2442FX Mixer + A sh*tty live wire 4 channel head phone amp and I't worked great. Now I have added some new equipment A PreSonus Tube Preamplifier and a Behringer Power Play Pro XL Head Phone Amp.

Patchbay Routing

Thinking that while I have read a boat load of opins on how to wire -route patchbays.
I've come to the conclusion that it is a very individual thing.
I have even read that one should wire a p-bay in that on panel facing you, the upper conns are the outputs of say outboard gear and the bottoms are inputs to same.
For me it is the opposite in my mind: