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Hey guys!

I'm quite new to this whole recording-mixing thing. I try trough trial and error for about two years now. I write and record my own stuff in Cubase 5 via Line 6 POD x3 and I use superior Drummer and Trilian for bass.
Here is some of my stuff:

Saosin is my all time favorite band and i absolutely love the recording on their self titled record from 2006.
Especially the drum sound.

I wonder how one can get the drums to sound to full but still tight?
Can you tell me which direction I should try there?

thank you,

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ouzo77 Wed, 06/05/2013 - 01:01


It sounds like they used drum replacement/enhancement, which means that you either add samples to the snare, kick and/or toms or replace the original tracks completely.
This is common practice with this kind of music. Especially Chris Lord-Alge does this a lot and he did mix the album. Funny, I was pretty sure he did mix this, even before I googled it. It's got his trademark sound.


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