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Still no clear answer but getting close (Changed the Q)

Ok change in question then what I had here before,
What I mainly need a high end processor for is for all the VST Instruments, plugins, and tracks I use. I want to be able to run allot at once and still maintain a good amount of CPU ussage.

I cant upgrade to a x64 os indefinatly (from my research) because my hardware doesn't all have a 64bit driver. So I want to stick with my 32bit os till they do.

Question is, What exactly will be used and wasted during my wait time with this 64bit processor? Even though I won't be able to use it fully, will I still be able to accomplish somewhat (if not all) the above? (Lots of VST instruments, plugins, and tracks).

Just to note, some of the VST instruments I use are:
*Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra
*Spectrasonics Stylus
and more

Plugins are self explanatory, especially the WAVEs reverb plugins.


pr0gr4m Mon, 04/24/2006 - 11:50
I can't really say what the improvements will be with the 64 bit processor. I would imagine that that, along with PCI-E, Firewire 800 and a larger maximum memory capacity, systems with that chip should probably run quite a bit of stuff without any problem.

There are common things like the UAD or Powercore cards which if you use their plug-ins, they take alot of the pressure off of the CPU. If that's a real concern for you, you might want to look into aquiring something like the Muse Research Receptor. It's basically a rack mounted VST host. You can use it and take some of the VST load off of your computer.

The great thing is even if you upgrade, you can still use this thing.

XTREEMMAK Mon, 04/24/2006 - 12:40

Well I've seen a video that shows what a 64bit DAW can do and to be frank, Wow. The thing is, this video again uses a fully optimized 64bit system while if I get the processor, I'll be running a 32bit os with a 64bit Processor (untill 64Bit drivers for my hardware become available). From what I've read somewhere here or on another board, 32bit is 32bit. Even if you have 64bits available, since the os is 32, it will only access 32 at a time (thats kind of obvious huh?). But even so, wouldn't access time siginificantly increase considering that there is alot more room to process?

It is true what they say about 32bit drivers not being able to function under Windows x64?

By the way here's that video: