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Has anyone had any experience with either of these two consoles. I'm looking for an analog console to work with a Mix Plus system and/or DP. Are either of these out now? Would appreciate any and all info, especially those who have A-B'd them.


Tim Farrant Sun, 05/21/2006 - 23:37

The Toft console is still not shipping, and apparently the first 100 units are going out to those who signed up for the release program. The Trident is availabe now (according to the Mix ads). The Toft appears to have a lot more inputs than the Trident, how they comapre sonically I cannot report. Mr Oram (Trident) has been building consoles for a while now, so there must be some merit in that. Mr Toft has taken a long time to release his console, so there must be some merit in that too!

Good luck in your search.