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toft audio designs


Toft Audio Designs® was created for two reasons. One was to manifest the classic British sound that was the main contributor to SO many memorable and timeless recordings, and two; was to achieve this at an affordable price. The foundation for the Series ATB® Consoles comes from a long history based on Trident Audio Developments®.

The ATB Console has much of the same character as the Trident Series 80B®, and as PMI Audio Group® also owns Trident Audio Developments®, those circuits were used for the basis of the ATB® Console sound.

The lineage of all this history is evident in the features and sonic representation of the console. Some of the best recordings in the world were done on Trident Consoles such as The Beatles Abbey Road and the White Album, David Bowie’s Space Oddity, Aladdin Sane and Ziggy Stardust, Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, T-Rex, Lou Reed’s Transformer, James Taylor’s first album, and of course Queen 1&2 as well as Sheer Heart Attack. Still there are many more.

The same basic philosophy has been applied to the Toft Audio ATB Consoles…Hear one for yourself and relive the magic of pure analogue…

Toft ATB console pres really hot all of a sudden?

HI all,
yesterday I was micing up a drum kit and for the 1st time all the pres on my TOft ATB console are really hot. For the over heads and front of kit, along with others, the pres are all the way down and even had to lower the channel fader to reduce the level. they sound fine, there just really hot.

I don't have great isolation between my drum room and control room, so I set up my recording compression and eq on pre recorded material, switching the input of the console to line rather than mic. and using The insert I/O in Pro Tools

Mixing OTB with Toft-16 and Digidesign 003

Hi Everyone!

I saw a strange thing in someone's studio and since i bought similar gear i would appreciate your help.
Does it make sense to connect the subgroup outs of the toft console to the compressor(DARKING FET),the compressor's outs to a digital interface(DIGI 003 controller) inputs and then its outs to the speakers?
I have also a Lexicon reverb. I guess it should be connected to aux sends of the toft and not to the DIGI 003, right?
In addition i have a pre amp,and a RME fireface 800.

New Toft Console Setup vs New ITB Setup Help me decide

Hi everyone,

First off, I'm a novice recording engineer, and I strive to one day become a "Pro". I've been engineering for 12 years now, making the best
out of my budget gear and I believe Its time for me to start working with a professional grade setup to further assist creating the sounds I have

Toft ATB24 thoughts

I am looking to go back a bit into the analog realm and was looking at the new Toft ATB24 as my new console.
Any thoughts on this board? Just looking for a bit more info of quality and such if anyone has any experience with it.

I do have an old Op Amps 24ch board that probably needs some work but but I think its just a bit to big for my space.


Midas Venice, Toft ATB, or Trident 8T

I'm wanting to get a small analog console for my studio. I've used a Ramsa DA7 for around 8 years, it died, and I want to move on. I can get a Midas Venice 320 for less than $3700 shipped. The other consoles I'm thinking about (Trident and Toft) are in range budge-wise as well. I am just wanting some feedback/recommendations/opinions... Thanks. Just trying to come to a conclusion SOON.