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Hi, does anybody know anything about these things?


ahyatt Wed, 11/12/2003 - 19:28

Well, not to stir up crap, but that unit is a 20 year old design. It was originally done for a company called SoundTech. SoundTech was a low budget live mixing console company. The mixer is pretty much spot on the same.

John Oram has a pretty sour reputation, but you can do a search on it and find out for yourself without me baggin on the guy. My money is that a unit never gets to Kurt, but that is just my opinion. I will find the thread and post it here for you as soon as I can, as it has the old SoundTech pictures and stuff. You will get no support or warranty so consider that before you get one.

Personally, I would stay away from it....

KurtFoster Wed, 11/12/2003 - 20:11

That's what I thought. I have never really liked Orams stuff. Most of it I have seen in TV broadcast studios.. things like the Oram EQ and spring reverb ... seemed like it was pretty noisey. But the mixer has a cool old retro look. I like the pots instead of faders..

I remember the old Peavy PA mixers that had those big knobs like what used to be on the old UA mixers.. very cool looking.. they sounded like hell but they sure looked neat.. I love that stuff..


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