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UA 6176 vs. Avalon VT-737 sp

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Hello, i dont know what to buy if the 737 or the 6176 ?

Whos the best, or who has the best pre.amp, the best compressor or the best EQ.


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Pro Audio Guest Mon, 10/27/2003 - 08:23
i'm sure the 6176 has better compression..(1176), but from what i hear its a funny unit.. the avalon is a cleaner unit.. but i'd rater get a great river then a nice compressor.. i usually don't track with eq so its not really needed for me.. the 737 is a nice pre with something like a 414 or a u87..

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AudioGaff Mon, 10/27/2003 - 15:23
What is best, red or blue?
What is best, Mercedes or BMW?
What is best, Mac or PC?

You ask which is best, best at what? The 6176 and the 737 are very different and although they both have a mic pre, eq, comp and tubes in them, they each have their strengths and weakness. As for best, neither would be on my list as best. If I and had no other choice than those two, I'd rather have the 6176.

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Gabriel Sousa Wed, 10/29/2003 - 03:49
what mics you have ?

can you send me some vocals recorded on 6176 ? and on 737 ?

thanks a lot

Originally posted by AEW:
I have the Avalon 737 and the UA 6176, they both have their uses.
The 737 gets used for bass and acoustic guitar and the 6176 gets used for vocals every time.


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Guest Wed, 11/12/2003 - 15:43
The 6176 as a only high end pre would not be my first choice. It has a color that I would not want on all my tracks. If you can afford two maybe you could look at other colors too. That is unless you want another for doing stereo. That pre tends to see duty on mono stuff typicaly. Vocals, and bass mainly. Bass mainly for the comp part of the box. I am digging the 2108 though. We recently put the typical mics up on a Bogner A/Bing them through a Sytek and a 2108. The 2108 was what I prefered every time. It is rock and roll.

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Kurt Foster Thu, 11/13/2003 - 16:10
If you love UREI gear, you will love this... UA has just released a stereo version of the 1176, the 2-1176!


Product description

"The 2-1176 is the evolution of over 35 years of compressor design. Now the ledgendary 1176LN sound is available for the first time as a true dual mono/stereo unit."

Dual-Mono, Stereo Link
Channel Matched Components
Same Vintage Sound
Great Price/Peformance

Universal Audio Web site

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Pro Audio Guest Fri, 11/14/2003 - 04:09
I've never tried the 6176, but I owned the 737 for a short while. Here is the story... It was a cold dark night, well day really, and not really cold either, actually quite hot, but we (me and my wife) needed a high end mic pre to do some vocals at home. The 737 looked mighty sexy and apparently sounded good to so I thought, why not! We tracked some vocals and they sounded OK, but not like I was used to hearing in the large studio using a classic neve console. Then we decided to try drums so back to the music store through rain and 100mph winds... oh ya, it was hot, to get a multi-channel mic pre rack. The salesman, now a friend, suggested either the Presonus M80 or the Neumann distributed Precision 8. Well, trusting the association with Neumann, I decided on the Precision 8. When we got home, (I know. It was a nice day) I plugged a bass guitar into one of the built in DI's on this unit. I hit one note, paused in disbelief, and anounced that the Avalon was going back. I still have the Precision 8 which is my only front end, and well, I really don't think much of the 737. It looks expensive (and is) but it sounds like semi-pro gear to me. I also really like the UA 1176's in the chain, so I'm sure the 6176 is worth checking out.