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Stay with firewire Apogee Ensemble/Avalon 737 or Go all UAD ?

Would appreciate comments suggestions or alternatives. Im considering switching to UAD Apollo 8 Thunderbolt with all UAD plugins and a new thunderbolt iMac. Presently firewire iMac, Good mics and recording studio. Vocals, acoustics and electrics. Pop country blues jazz

Looking for options aside from the Avalon VT737

I am trying to upgrade my studio right now and I am looking to get the most for my money. My buddy runs an Avalon VT737 and I really really like the results we get with it. I know I need some help in the analog preamp/compressor territory. Is there a better option out there for the 2100 I'd drop on the 737? Like perhaps more channels, or just more versatility?

UA 610 vs Avalon 737 (I need 2 of either for stereo micing)


I need to do some stereo micing, for drums, etc, and also just mono Micing for vocals. I want to get two pres and two compressors with two mics. right now i have a RODE k2. was going to pick up another for starters

now... the question...

here are some options i have looked at.

get two Avalon 737's


get two UA 610's


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