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Stay with firewire Apogee Ensemble/Avalon 737 or Go all UAD ?

Would appreciate comments suggestions or alternatives. Im considering switching to UAD Apollo 8 Thunderbolt with all UAD plugins and a new thunderbolt iMac. Presently firewire iMac, Good mics and recording studio. Vocals, acoustics and electrics. Pop country blues jazz

Avalon, Focusrite ISA430 MKII, or SPL Frontliner? Which one to get?

Hey guys,
I really need good advice! feedback or anything that can help me choose between these 3 Channel Strips.

I can buy any of these and I need to get one fairly soon. I think I’ve read almost everything online regarding these Channel Strips, but the votes are so 50/50, so can’t make up my mind, especially if you can’t test them all.

This will be used ONLY for vocals, mainly male vocals. Music type: Cinematic arrangements with lots of lush vocals, ambient, pop and electronic genres.

Avalon , neve 1073,Pacifica

Running 1967 fender tele through all of them ,I found the following:

Avalon:Pretty clear, not a lot of color, not very punchy pretty much what I put in

Pacifica very punchy,more dimension and a nice low and top end it just sounded better in my opinion .

Neve 1073: punchy has a great low end and I did not notice the clarity on the top end that I would preferred ,but very cool nonetheless .

What's your guy's experience with these

Warm Audio - WA12 Microphone Preamp 312 Style (API SSL NEVE AVALON)


I wanted to introduce a new 312 style mic pre to the forum. The Warm Audio WA12 is completely discrete with custom wound USA made Cinemag transformers, 71db's of gain and high headroom. I've sold 8 channels of this design to a Neve console owner in Florida at a much higher price, it is the real deal. Though the price tag suggests otherwise, this is not a budget or sub-pro piece of gear, it hangs right along side pres with much loftier price tags.

Transporting Avalon737 by airplane??

How to transport a tube pre by airplane without it being damaged by the roughness of airport workers? My cousin is in USA right now, he'll be back to Brazil in 2 weeks, and I asked him to bring me an Avalon...Ok

I've seen a lotta times that guys in airport throwing the stuff to get them in/out the plane, and even saw one of them throwing someone's hard-case that looked like a stack head, where it rolled off the ground etc and I tought to myself 'if it's tube, it's gone'

Could an active bass blow a tube in my Avalon?

Had a session the other night. Plugged the bass into my Avalon 737 with the Avalon set to "Instrument".
Was getting signal thru the Avalon into my board, where I set the trim to appropriate level. Recording went fine over the two hour session.
I only found out later that the bass was an "active" bass with it's own preamp circuitry. Don't know what brand.
The next day I went to do a vocal through the Avalon and it wasn't working. It would pass only a very low-level signal through and no amount of knob twisting affected it.

Looking for options aside from the Avalon VT737

I am trying to upgrade my studio right now and I am looking to get the most for my money. My buddy runs an Avalon VT737 and I really really like the results we get with it. I know I need some help in the analog preamp/compressor territory. Is there a better option out there for the 2100 I'd drop on the 737? Like perhaps more channels, or just more versatility? I am looking at sebatrons 4 channel preamp. I was over on that forum reading reviews and comments and people really seem into it. What do you guys think I should do? maybe an Avalon U5 or two and a compressor of some sort?

Big Signal Hit from AKG 414 on Avalon 2022 from Phantom 48

Hello people, I am wondering from sometime now why when I turn on or off the phantom power on my Avalon 2022 for my AKG 414 BXL II it gives 2 or 3 signal hits for over +3 dbs, an then settles. They work great together, but always behaves the same manner after turning on/off its phantom +48 power. Is this normal, sometimes in the powering of the +48 signal says hello this way?. Impedance for the 414 is >200 ohm. Avalons impedance switch is on the MIC, which is 1500 ohms. As I understand, Pre's impedance should be 10 times more than mics.