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yo can someone tell me what the hell is going on with my monitors? they were working fine and then i moved my desk around and now they sound like this

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audiokid Tue, 01/31/2017 - 21:34

How do I know? Its just a guess but it sounds like something in the chain, whether it is the speaker amp or the power supply of a mixer, your DA feeding the audio to the speakers, something in the chain has the sound of a power supply drop. Until I knew more, I'm just guessing.
I'm sure it can be rectified, but you need to isolate things.

I'm not a tech guy so I really can't advise you but there are other members here that know a lot more about this which I'm sure will chime in soon.

Chickenwomp Tue, 01/31/2017 - 22:03

update: i have narrowed the problem down to either my or my computer, not my monitors. i have used youtube/itunes and my DAW to play back music and they all seem to have the same problem, i dont know if the problem is with my computer or my audiobox though, the computers playback is fine until i use the audiobox