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I plan on purchasing a Shure SM7B for hip hop vocals, and I also plan on purchasing the Mbox 2 with Pro Tools to accompany it in recording. I've heard about problems with using the SM7 with an interface/pre that doesn't have enough gain to handle it, so I was just curious if the Mbox 2 will work well to get solid, clean recordings with the SM7.



RemyRAD Sun, 03/23/2008 - 22:08

FourthQuarter not only will the M-Box 2 have ample gain but I think you're choice of the SM 7 is one of the most intelligent choices I've heard. And with its built-in high pass filter along with its flat or presence rise response adjustments, you'll get some killer vocal tracks!

You've obviously done your homework. Can't wait to hear the results.
Ms. Remy Ann David

anonymous Sat, 03/29/2008 - 12:16

I am using an SM7b and sometimes an SM57 for vocals with an Mbox1 and it provides enough gain as long as I sing directly into the mic, no more than 3-5 inches away from the mic. I think you will be fine with your choice and you will be surprised at the number of things an SM7b works on, like bass amps, kick drum, vocals, guitar amp and upright bass. I really like that mic!