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I'm getting really excited about Windows in general. Its the competition between Apple and Microsoft that is most exciting. But, I'm waiting a while before I put this into my audio PC's.

Kudo's for Windows.
Its reported working well on Samplitude.

I read it won't allow you to turn off auto updates. Maybe they want everyone to be updating any bugs.


DonnyThompson Fri, 07/31/2015 - 00:01

so far, from what I've researched on the web and read here, the only hangup right now seems to be with Steinberg ( Cubase, Nuendo, some Steinberg processors). Over on the Samplitude board, there has been some minor general bitching about certain W10 details, but none that are complaining about compatibility with the program.

The general overview is that W10 will look very similar to W7, but will have the power and function of W8... which isn't a bad platform at all, but was mostly designed for the tile/touch crowd.

If you want to get W10 for free, you have to reserve a copy, Chris. (@audiokid )

You do this by clicking on the Windows icon located on the tray at the bottom of your screen. You fill in your email, they do a quick scan of your system to make sure your current OS is legit, and then your name/computer goes into a cue. You will be notified hen W10 is ready for DL and installation.

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I've gone ahead with reserving my copy - BUT - I'm not going to install it yet ( it could be as much as a month before I receive the actual program download anyway)... I'm going to continue to research it and learn what I can first.

Even if my download arrived this week, I still wouldn't install it, not being as close as I am to finishing this album. Right now, everything is running smoothly, and right now, I need it to stay that way. ;)

DonnyThompson Fri, 07/31/2015 - 01:11

audiokid, post: 431270, member: 1 wrote: There appears to be no Media player which I'm not happy about. We're forced to install something now.

Which seems odd to me - considering that Windows Media Player has been a part of the OS since... I don't even remember now... certainly it was included with XP, if not even W '98.

Is there something new that they've substituted?

I keep hearing how a major part of W10 was developed with audio/midi in mind, because the home recording market is growing so fast with people who want to, at the very least, play around with audio production ( LOL much to Kurt's consternation ;) )

Truthfully, I don't use WMP much anyway; for MP3's, if I'm not listening here on RO and using our resident player, I rely on iTunes, or, if I'm listening to higher res .wav files, I usually just listen through Samp, or sometimes I'll open up my T-Racks CS3 Rack ( with no processing loaded other than occasionally a meter) which then sends audio out through my Presonus ( which is my default audio device).

I will say that I felt as though Media Player became pretty bloated, since around W7; it always seemed like I had to do too many things to open a simple audio file. It was always trying to cram other internet music down my throat, or prompting me to scan my library ( whatever that means), and then I'd have to locate the directory where it resided on the PC, then tell MP to load it.... and then hope that I wouldn't get some stupid error message about a missing codec.

With iTunes, I just right click on the MP3, ( anywhere on the computer... from my mail, from the desktop, anywhere that file is) and the iTunes player pops right up, with the song cued, along with my last / most recent 20 or so file "plays".

There are many things I do like about Windows ( although it probably all just boils down to years of familiarity) but there are some things that I don't like - such as Microsoft's aversion to keeping things simple, and adding bloat where doing so doesn't really make things any easier, and, it always seems as though they go through periods of failure, followed by a version that is successful... XP was rock solid, Vista was a nightmare, W7 got back to a solid OS, where W8 was aimed mostly at the touch screen crowd - and while there are many who do implement and like TS technology, there are still many who prefer the mouse/keyboard functionality.

I'm hoping that W10 will follow past patterns, and will be a good, solid, well designed OS... but we'll just have to wait and see. I remember a time - not all that long ago - when people were getting all excited about upgrading to Vista.

Uh-huh. ;)

Terry Leigh Britton Thu, 12/24/2015 - 10:53

Have it on my second machine running Windows 10 that I use for editing and mixing, burning CD's etc. and have experienced no problems at all ever.

I am being cautious (likely overly so) with my recording machine and did revert it to Windows 8.1 after timidly trying 10 out for a few days, but I chickened out! However, nothing happened I could blame Windows 10 for.

I've yet to hear a report that the Windows Update OR Cortana intrusively did their thing messing anyone up, but I always disable my network card(s) anyway due to the DPC Latency hit those clearly introduce on both of my systems. (Different makes of cards, too...) Disabling the adapters naturally ceases any updates from happening. Still, I would go through and turn off any feature that causes polling of the Internet ("Windows calling home"). There are plenty of guides available how to do that so I won't elaborate there.


kmetal Tue, 12/29/2015 - 18:55

audiokid, post: 432099, member: 1 wrote: I've installed Windows 10 on my mobile laptop and it loads Sequoia really fast. It seems stable and improved. I hope I'm right.
Its taken me a few weeks to get comfortable with it, removing all the bloated apps and so on and I like it.

Chris are you using w10 home, or pro?? My new cpu came w home. PTHD is of course only compatible w pro, but I won't be getting pt for a while. I'll only upgrade right away to pro of its necessary for SAM, or if there's a significant reason. Trying to get all my software sorted out before I unbox the cpu.

George Birbilis Wed, 12/13/2017 - 17:42

since Media Player was mentioned in an older reply here, it does exist in Windows 10, it's just hidden (as is Internet Explorer). You press the Search button (the magnifying lens) that is next to the Windows (Start) button and type "Media Player" to find and launch it. From there you can also right click on it and pit to taskbar or to the start menu (as a tile), but strangely a "pin (make shortcut) to desktop" option is still missing in that context menu at Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (nor can you drag an item from the taskbar to the desktop, but at least you can now drag the item from a start menu tile onto a desktop shortcut after first pinning it to the start menu)

audiokid Wed, 12/13/2017 - 20:53

kmetal, post: 434753, member: 37533 wrote: Chris are you using w10 home, or pro?? My new cpu came w home. PTHD is of course only compatible w pro, but I won't be getting pt for a while. I'll only upgrade right away to pro of its necessary for SAM, or if there's a significant reason. Trying to get all my software sorted out before I unbox the cpu.

Sorry for the really late response Kyle! I’m using W10 pro