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I'm looking for some advice on a mid-range condenser mic to record vocals with. I plan on having this mic for a while because I don't think Guitar Center returns mics used for vocals.

Until now I have been using an SM57 because I like the way that it sounds with my louder songs. But now I have some quieter songs that I'd like to capture a lot of raw tone with and assume that a condenser mic would do this for me.

So far I'm thinking about the RODE NT1-A, but want to get some feedback to see if there is a better mic for the job. The RODE is definitely in my price range and I don't mind paying for quality.

Thanks in advance.



BobRogers Thu, 06/17/2010 - 11:01

You might be a bit more specific about your price range. I'd categorize condensers under $500 as "budget." There are two many crowded price points up the ladder to call it "mid". Might as well just specify dollar amounts.

More to the point: In the $300 range, the Rode NT1 and the Blue Bluebird both seem to get a lot of love around here. There are a few MXL mics in that range that have some fans, but those seem more controversial. I have heard, but have not owned the NT1 and the Bluebird and they are definitely worth putting on the list of mics to audition. You will get better mics for 2-3 times more money (that's pretty much a rule) so don't expect the world.